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You’ll enter from the top entrance at (1). These spaceship enemies can be quite difficult to kill. If you hide in the arches and use Kilver you’ll be safe.

You can avoid most of the enemies by shooting the drone to the passageway above. Teleporting up and then teleporting through all of the walls to the right side. Take the exit above.

Make your way through the room and take the exit above. From here go right and then climb up the ledges. Take the exit at the top right. Remember to use the drone to get to hard to reach places.

Take the exit down in the next room. Drop down and take the exit in the lower left for SAVE Room (2). Go back and make your way to the right side of the room, teleporting past the walls. Climb up and drill down through the rocks. Drill to the right about half-way down and you’ll find the Sudran Key (3). You can use this to get through some doors.

Go back and in the bottom right corner of this room drill down through the rocks. You’ll find The Land of Civilized Kings page (4).

This is as far as you can go in this direction so return to the first room of this region. On the way back you’ll notice that the Sudran door at (5) is open. Grab the Power Node and continue down to the first room.

Back in the first room take the lower right exit. Continue all the way to the right for SAVE Room (6). Go back and take the exit down.

Drop down the tall room to the bottom and take the lower right exit. Take the lower left exit and then the next lower left exit to SAVE Room (7).

Go to the left and snake your way around this large room. Shooting the drone ahead and using the drone for a while can help keep you alive. The drone can also take out some enemies for you.

Once you reach the location in the bottom left corner (8), you can enter a passcode “ISKART-EHANZU” to open up a passage above. I think you can enter the code from anywhere but the area might reset if you leave and come back. The location (8) is shown in the image below.

Shoot a drone up through the passage, teleport up and do it again. Up the top you’ll find the Quantum Variegator weapon.

Drop all the way down and take the exit to the room below. Run to the left side of the room and take the next exit down.

Drop down, head to the right, drill through the stone and then use the drone to climb up the cliff on the right side. Make your way back to the left at the top of the room for the Red Coat (9).

Drop down and dash through the blocks below to grab the Power Node Fragment 5/6 (10). Use the drone to get up and take the exit above. You’ll need to jump and dash upwards to reach the exit.

Jump up to the large room above and go to the right. Drill up in the ledge above, then throw a drone up into the small passage.

Just to the right you’ll find Health Node Fragment 2/5 (11). Leave the drone and make your way back up the large room. You’ll need to throw the drone up to get up some large cliffs.

Head back to the SAVE Room (7) and continue up three rooms to the tall room where you’ll find the Official Letter (12). Dash through the stone bricks to reach it.

Return to the first room in this region and drill through the wall on the left side of one of the mounds. You’ll find and Anonymous Quote (13).

Take the left exit back to Kur


Run all the way to the left exit for the SAVE Room.

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