The last boss fight on the first isle is with Cagney Carnation in Floral Fury. It’s one of the tougher bosses in the first world and there’s a lot happening on the screen at any one time.

Phase 1: Dancing Flower

The flower will dance with his hands and then try to headbut you on either the top or lower level. Drop down if he goes high and jump up to the cups if he goes low. Continue shooting until he turns into a gun.

Phase 2: Machine Gun Flower

The flower will shoot bullets up which will float down to the ground. Once they hit the ground plants will sprout up and release little buds that will try to bite you as well as a flying orange flower that when opens will shoot a pellet at you. The green buds can be killed instantly but the flying orange flower can only be killed when it opens to shoot.

Phase 3: Climbing Vines

For this phase the flower will let out a vine underneath all of the cups. From now on you’ll have to stay on top of one of the three cups. The vine will grow up towards two of the cups so you’ll have to jump across to the empty one.

On top of this the flower will release flowery pellets that you’ll need to dodge. Keep shooting the flower and hopping from one cup to the other until the flower is defeated.

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