Botanic Panic will probably be the first boss you face. It’s really three bosses in one as the vegetables rise up to defeat you. Each of these vegetables has their own methods of attack.

Phase 1: Moe-Tato the Potato

This potato head will rise up on the right side of the screen and roll balls of dirt at you followed by a pink snake. Jump the balls and parry slap the pink snake ball if you want the extra card. Continue shooting and before long this potato head will be defeated.

Phase 2: Weepy the Onion

The onion will rise up from the ground in the center of the screen. As he cries his tears will fall down from the top of the screen. Occasionally one of them will be pink so you can slap it if you’re quick enough. Keep shooting while you dodge the tears to defeat the onion.

Phase 3: Psycarrot

This carrot is the most dangerous of the vegetables. You’ll need to shoot him in the eyes to damage him. Small carrots will chase you around the screen although they can be killed with a couple of shots.

After a few seconds Psycarrot will shoot ringed-lasers from his eyes. He’ll direct them straight at you so keep moving or use the dash ability to get out of the way. Once the lasers have stopped continue shooting at his eyes to defeat him.

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