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To piece together what happened on the night of the murder you’ll need to speak to a number of different people including Evrart Claire, Joyce Messier, Titus Hardie and Klaasje. You’ll also need to have removed the body from the tree otherwise some of these people will not take you seriously.

Evrart Claire (Union Boss)

Evrart can be found in a storage container at the harbor. He won’t offer you any information about the murder until you help him with a few quests. One of them is to open an apartment door, which is meant to scare someone, and the other is to get a couple of signatures. You can complete these tasks exactly as he wants you to or fudge the quest a little and only pretend that you’ve done them.

Once the quests are completed Evrart will help organize someone to take down the body if you haven’t removed it already and give you more information about the investigation.

Evrart also knows the whereabouts of your gun so make sure you ask him about it. He’s the only one who can put you on the right track. Your gun can’t be recovered until the water lock is repaired on the 3rd day.

Joyce Messier (Wild Pines Negotiator)

Joyce can be found by her boat outside the Capeside Apartments. She’s a negotiator for the Wild Pines company and has a good idea of what’s going on although she won’t disclose too much information about the murder until you can prove you’re really an officer.

You can either find your Badge and show it to her or solve the drug problem at the docks by completing The Jam Mystery side quest. After convincing her that you’re a real officer she’ll give you some more information about the murder and possible motivations.

Titus and Klaasje

After the first day the Union Box at the front of Whirling-in-Rags will be open. Titus Hardie and the Hardie boys will be here but you’ll need to speak to the woman with the yellow headscarf to get permission to speak to Titus.

You probably won’t get much information at first so you’ll need to come back multiple times after getting more information from some of the other characters. How far you get with this conversation also depends on what checks you pass.

Interact with the large window behind where the Hardie Boys are sitting. You’ll find a Key to the blue door in the kitchen. Go through the blue door and take a look around. When you go up to Klaasje’s bedroom later make sure you interact with the window up there and you’ll start to deduce where the shot could have come from.

Titus will give you a clue that you should speak to Klaasje upstairs. Her room is two doors down from yours. Knock on the door and she’ll let you in. You can find her smoking out on the balcony. She won’t tell you much unless you’ve already removed the body from the yard.

Klaasje will give you a lot of information about what happened on the night of the murder. She may give you some contradictory information that you’ll need to double-check with Titus.

Return to Titus and he’ll give you a Tape with incriminating evidence. Before you can listen to it you’ll need to find a tape player.

The Tape Player

Leave the hotel and head south to Roy’s Nest. Look at the object above where Roy is standing. It’s a Tape Player. He’s trying to sell it for 12 Real but you can barter with him down to 4 Real.

After listening to the tape, and doing everything you can with the body and speaking to other witnesses go back to Klaasje. After the discussion she’ll send you back to Titus once more.

The Argument

When you go back down to Titus things will get a bit dangerous. An argument will start and you’ll need to choose who to pay attention to. When given the choice between Theo or Agnus make sure you keep looking at Agnus.

After the confrontation Titus will give you the name of the suspect and tell you what happened. The Hardie Boys have been looking for the suspect and know he went west over the canal but don’t know his exact location.

Finish up any quests you want to complete in this area and when you’re ready head west across the canal to the fishing village.

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