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When you first begin Forager you’ll be on the central island. Other islands can be unlocked but you’ll need Gold Coins to purchase them. Use your pickaxe to destroy trees, rocks and ore and to kill animals. Your energy will deplete quickly so eat some berries from the berry bushes or meat from killing chickens.

Press Escape to open your inventory. From here you can switch tabs to Gear, Lands, Building or Configure. The Gear tab is where you can find the Skills tree and spend skill points. Each level you gain will give you one point to spend on new skills.

The lands are arranged in such a way that ice lands are to the north, desert to the east, fire to the south and skeletons to the west. The exact land you get is random but will be of the general type depending on where you buy. When you purchase a new land you’ll need to build a bridge to get across the water.

The First Few Buildings

When you begin you’ll run out of energy fast and won’t have enough gold to buy any new lands. Collect a few resources and build a Furnace. You’ll need 10 Stone to craft it. Continue collecting resources and try to save the Berries. You can use these, along with Wood, for making Fish Traps. Place the fish traps down in the water and every so often they’ll collect fish or other items. Fish are a good source of food and once you have the skill they can be cooked in a furnace for even more energy.

Next craft a Forge. This can be used to turn your Gold Ingots into Coins. It’s also used for crafting new tools and other important items such as Bottles and Amulets.

Cook up some Bricks in the Forge and use them to craft a Sewing Station. From here you can craft a Backpack to increase the size of your inventory.

Now that you have the basic crafting stations to upgrade your equipment and a few Fish Traps for food you should be well on your way to purchasing new lands and exploring the world.

The First Few Skills

There are 64 skills to learn in total but you only have a choice of four to begin with, Industry, Economy, Foraging and Magic. One of the biggest problems you’ll have early on is inventory space. You can get to Storage by going through Economy first but you’re better off choosing Magic to unlock Brilliance which gives you a 20% boost to XP. From here you can select Storage as your third skill. This unlocks Vaults. You can store up to 6 items in each vault.

Gathering, which is underneath Foraging in the skill tree, also unlocks four inventory slots. With Vaults and your Gathering skill you shouldn’t have any more worries about inventory space. Items stored in a Vault can still be used for crafting.

Upgrading Tools

You’ll need to unlock the various tools from the skills tree before you can craft them. The Bow is a great tool, not because it kills enemies from a distance, but because you can use it to gather resources, and it doesn’t even use up energy to use. You can use it to destroy trees, rocks and other resources quickly. You will need to craft Arrows separately but there is a rare item that gives you infinite arrows.

The Shovel also shouldn’t be overlooked. You can use it to dig up the land and find much needed mid to late game resources. The upgraded shovels will dig large areas in a single swipe.

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