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Each of the biomes has at least a couple of puzzle islands. Complete the puzzle to win a reward. Some of them are more difficult than others. Most of the rewards are Big Chests but occasionally you’ll get something different. These don’t include solutions to the Dungeons which can be found on their own page.

Grass Biome

Four Pillars: There are four pillars on this land. You need to click on them in the right order. Look at the symbols on them for a clue. The correct order is bottom right, top left, top right, bottom left. You’ll be rewarded with a Big Chest.

Rainbow Pond: There are six colored mushrooms on this land. You must click on them in the order of the colors of the rainbow. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple. Your reward is a Big Chest.

Desert Biome

Ancient Galaxy: Take a good look at the outside of the tower before entering. Up the top you’ll see a pattern. The empty spots are the batteries that you need to turn on with the power blocks. Once you get the pattern correct you’ll be rewarded with the Ancient Galaxy Seal.

Battery: You need to power the battery. Either fire a Thunder Rod at the battery or drink a Thunder Potion. You’ll be rewarded with 4 Small Chests.

Eye Statue: Fire a projectile, such as an arrow, at the eye. You’ll be rewarded with a Big Chest.

Moon Sword Obelisk: On this island you’ll see an obelisk with the carving of a moon on it. Wait until night time and then hit it with a sword. You’ll be rewarded with a Big Chest.

Where Flowers Don’t Live: There is treasure where the flowers don’t live. Use a shovel to dig the four spots without flower for a Big Chest.

Graveyard Biome

Colored Pedestals: Place one of each type of gem on them matching pedestal. You’ll be rewarded with a Big Chest.

Dark Bells: This island has three large bells. You need to hit them in a certain order. The left bell is the low note, the middle bell the middle note and the right bell the high note. Read the sign to be shown which notes to play. Your reward for playing the right song is a Big Chest.

Proximity Spike Traps: The spikes cause three hearts of damage when you touch them. You’ll either need to roll over them when you have more than three hearts or destroy them with a Bomb, Thunder Rod or Fire Arrows. You’ll be rewarded with 4 Skull Chests.

Skull Braziers: Strike the braziers with a flaming sword, pickaxe or bow to light them. Once they’re all lit you’ll be given a Big Chest.

Skull Galaxy: Enter the tower for a test. You need to place the right item on the pedestals after reading the clues. The left is Water, the right is Paper, the top is a Key, the bottom is a Fish. You’ll be rewarded with the Skull Galaxy Seal.

Winter Biome

Frozen Chest: On this island you’ll see a frozen chest. You can melt it free by using a fire sword, pickaxe or bow. You can can also melt it by dropping a grenade next to it.

Frozen Galaxy: Inside the tower you’ll see five computers. Clicking on them changes the display to one of five symbols representing the numbers 1 to 5. You need to convert the binary under each computer to text. The displays, from left to right, should show 5, 3, 4, 2 and 4. You’ll be rewarded with the Frozen Galaxy Seal and 4 Small Chests.

Stone Princess: Place a Cinderbloom flower on the statue and you’ll be rewarded with a Big Chest.

Fire Biome

Coded Switches: You need to pull the switches in the correct order. Fome islands show the order in which a few of them need to be used. From the top three going clockwise the orders are 10, 9, 12, 3, 7, 2, 11, 5, 4, 6, 1, 8. The reward is a Big Chest.

Fire Chests: The four Small Chests on this island are on fire. To put out the fire use a Bottle of Water or a weapon that does freezing damage.

Fire Galaxy: To solve the puzzle you have to turn off all of the lanterns. Using one light will change the state of the four lights to the sides and above and below. Try to focus on the top row and work your way down the rows until all lights are off. You’ll be rewarded with 4 Small Chests and the Fire Galaxy Seal.

Lights Out: This puzzle is similar to the one above. Turn off all the lights for a reward of a Big Chest and four Small Chests.

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