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Money is hard to come by in the beginning of the game but if you’re smart you’ll be generating thousands of Gold Coins in no time. Once you have a Market all of your resources can be sold for Coins. The most valuable early game resources are gems. They can be sold for 90 Gold Coins each.

Once you have the Forge you can use it to turn excess Gold Ingots into Coins. With the Coinage skill each Ingot will give you 12 Coins instead of the usual 8.

The Banking skill is another skill you’ll want to learn early on. It lets you craft Banks that generate Coins automatically over time. If you also have the Treasury skill Banks that are next to each other will generate Coins 50% faster.

Once you have the Market everything you gather is worth money. The more resources you get the more money you can generate. The Jewelry skill unlocks Amulets which increase the amount of resources you get from everything. Amulets can be upgraded to be more powerful. Selling resources at the Market can net you a small fortune.

Lastly, most items that you craft are worth more than the raw materials. For example Wood can be used in a Furnace to make Coal. Coal sells for more than Wood. You can set up a Furnace to turn all your Wood into Coal and then sell the excess Coal at the Market. The same is true for virtually everything that you can craft.

There are many ways to make gold in the early game. As you progress you’ll discover more ways to make a fortune. Placing Quarries on a island with a Mining Rod is one example. Quarries fill an island with resources and Mining Rods break them automatically. There are skills that enhance these effects as well.

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