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Swords: 1

After the cutscene you’ll be face to face with Ahriman the Destroyer. This fight takes place on a raised platform over a couple of phases.

For the first phase dodge out of his downward sword strikes and dodge or block the ranged attack. When he jumps towards you you’ll need to be off the ground because he releases a shockwave around him but you’ll be out of reach in the air.

After he’s taken about one third health you’ll be knocked off the platform. Wall run and grapple back to the platform to continue the fight.

This time Ahriman will perform a sweeping attack with his sword as well as his other attacks. Jump over it or move far enough away that it won’t hit you.

Use the grapple points above to jump out of the way of his launching attack that creates a ripple effect.

Keep dodging his attacks and getting in strikes when you can. Once he’s been defeated you’ll automatically be given Sword #4 (The Limb of Metal).

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