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Memory Shards: 7
Swords: 1
Audiologs: 2

Memory Shard #1 – Follow the exit from the sewers and you’ll spot it as it’s impossible to miss.

Audiolog #1 – In the room where you drain the water and make your way down once you get to the end continue around to the right to find the Audiolog on a ledge.

Memory Shard #2 – Follow the main path and after jumping across two bars and doing a wall run head around to the left.

Memory Shard #3 – After destroying the bar under the platform so you can grapple to it for the second time turn around and you’ll spot the memory shard in the corner.

Memory Shard #4 – After destroying the explosive barrel look over the edge and you’ll see it. You’ll have enough memory shards to use your Ultimate Abilities.

Audiolog #2 – After using the fans to boost up twice ignore the enemies to the left. Go straight ahead and turn to the right for the audiolog at the end of the platform.

Hidden Challenge – Follow the main path to find the Hidden Challenge. For this challenge you’ll need to destroy all the targets with the shuriken in 30 seconds. You’ll be rewarded with Memory Shards.

Memory Shard #5 – Hit the button to activate the fan and boost up. You’ll see a memory shard on the ledge.

Memory Shard #6 – Take the rail line from the previous shard to a ledge with this shard.

Sword #1 (The Undoer) – Follow the main path to a room with two rails. Slide down one and go back the other way on the other side and you’ll spot the sword.

Memory Shard #7 – In the final room on a ledge on the left side.

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