Gobliins 2 Walkthrough Part 2

Now you stand outside of the castle but a big trench bars your path and a guard stands on the bridge.

The Trench

Fingus – Walk into the small tower on the right and Fingus will throw out a bomb. Pick up the bomb.

Winkle – Light the bomb with the matches while Fingus is holding it and the guard will explode. Walk into the small tower and Winkle will throw out a bomb a bit further away.

Fingus – Pick up the bomb with Fingus.

Winkle – Light the bomb with matches while Fingus is holding it. This will blow the carpet to above the entrance and a hand will grab it.

Fingus – Once again walk into the tower to throw out a bomb.

Winkle – Pick up the bomb.

Fingus – Light the bomb with matches while Winkle is holding it. The carpet will be knocked down and float to the ground. Stand on the carpet and talk to the man up the top of the rope. Walk off the screen to the left.

The Tree House

Winkle – Throw the stone at the ball up the tree on the right. It will bounce and a kid will come out and catch it. Go into the door just next to the kid who caught the ball. The kid will run out another doorway.

Fingus – When the kid appears enter the open doorway just to the right of the clock. Fingus will grab the kid and take the ball.

Winkle – Place Winkle underneath the basketball hoop.

Fingus – Give the ball to the basketball player.

Winkle – When the ball is about to go in the hoop click on the hoop to knock the ball into the little house on the top left. The mayor will appear. Talk to the Mayor. Go over to the closed door at the top and knock on it. Tom the clockmaker will appear. Talk to Tom.

Fingus – Knock on the door with Fingus and talk to Tom. He’ll tell you to replace the tick-tock with a melody. Walk over the branch to exit the screen on the left.

The Walking Tree

Winkle – Pour the bottle of water on the Nymph. Use the bottle on the walking tree (Kael) and he’ll let you climb on his hand. Walk onto his hand and he’ll throw you up to the tree.

Fingus – Stand on the rock underneath the branch with brown flowers.

Winkle – Shake the branch and a flower will fall down.

Fingus – Catch the flower and the rock will flip up, pushing Fingus up to the tree. Jump down and use the flower on the small stone to the left of the mushrooms. Click on the stone and a bee will fly out. Grab the honey before the bee flies off. Stand on the rock behind where the bee flies out.

Winkle – Drop down from the tree and click on the stone where the bee flies out.

Fingus – Jump onto the back of the bee which will fly you up to the Nymph. Use honey on the Nymph. The Nymph will be so grateful that she will point out the mushroom you need. Drop down and pick up the mushroom.

Winkle – Knock on the red door. Show the creature the mushroom and he’ll let you inside.

Vivalzart’s House

Winkle – Put the mushroom in the machine to the right.

Fingus – Push the button on the side of the machine next to the bowl and it will start gurgling away. A peg is blocking the hose.

Winkle – Take a worm from the jar.

Fingus – Stand on the pressure plate below the vulture.

Winkle – Press the brown button on the shelf. Fingus will get caught by the bird. Throw a worm up to the vulture and Fingus will drop down with a drumstick.

Fingus – Give the drumstick to the fish. It will spit out a bone.

Winkle – Pick up the bone.

Fingus – Stand on top of the bin next to Vivalzart.

Winkle – Give the bone to Vivalzart and Fingus will be thrown up to the shelf.

Fingus – Pick up the Elixir of Kindness and grab the peg. The machine will start dripping. Drop down and use the bottle on the container where the drops are falling. You’ll be teleported away.

Winkle – Also use the bottle on the container to be teleported away.

The Jazz Room

In this room you need to collect three notes to make a melody.

Winkle – Click on the left headlight under the platform with a spring. Winkle will grab a drumstick. Use the drumstick on the stocking cap (just below and slightly to the left of the saxophone player). He will turn the drumstick into a net.

Fingus – Stand on the spring and jump on it. A pump will appear by the drummer.

Winkle – While Fingus is jumping on the spring put your hand through the left headlight to grab it. go over and stand behind the sax player.

Fingus – Go through the hole below where the stocking cap was located and you’ll appear up above the sax player. This is where you catch the notes.

Winkle – Use the pump on the sax player and he’ll produce a mosquito.

Fingus – When the mosquito reaches you catch it with the net. Switch places with Winkle and stand behind the sax player.

Winkle – Go through the hole and stand where Fingus was on the mushroom above the sax player.

Fingus – Use the pump on the sax player.

Winkle – Catch the note when it stops in front of you.

Fingus & Winkle – Have both Gobliins stand on the spring and click on it to jump up and down. A door will open to the left.

Fingus – go through the door.

Winkle – Use the peg on the hose to the left of the screen. Go through the hole and stand on the mushroom in the top right.

Fingus – Talk to the guitarist and he’ll play you a tune.

Winkle – Catch the note with the net as it stops in front of you. Drop down and stand in front of the left headlight.

Fingus – Go through the hole and stand on the mushroom ready to catch a note.

Winkle – Put the mosquito through the left headlight and the drummer will play.

Fingus – Catch the note with the net as it approaches you and you’ll both be teleported back to the tree house.

The Tree House

Winkle – Use the melody on the open door to the right of the basketball player.

Fingus – Knock on Tom’s door and he’ll give you an hourglass. Go to the right back to the trench.

The Trench

Fingus – Use the hourglass on the trench and a path will appear.

Fingus and Winkle – Walk both characters across the path and into the opening on the side of the castle.

Phew! That was a pretty complicated level. The next one is not so hard. Continue on to Level 3 – The Castle.