Gobliins 2 Walkthrough Part 3

Inside the castle there are an awful lot of guards. Here’s how to get past unnoticed.

The Guards

Fingus – Pick up the bottle of mayonnaise. Place the bottle just to the right of Gromelon, the one-eyed guard sleeping with a sword. Climb up the ladder to the left and drop down onto the bottle of mayonnaise. It will squirt all over Gromelon.

Winkle – While Gromelon is distracted take the sword.

Fingus – Pick up the mayonnaise again and stand next to Stalopicus on the right.

Winkle – Click on Rustic and he’ll throw a dagger that will hit Stalopicus.

Fingus – As Stalopicus opens his mouth take out the chewing gum. Use the chewing gum on the cupboard door to make a mold of the key.

Head over to the left.

The Blacksmith

Fingus – Talk to the blacksmith. Give him the imprint and the sword. Talk to him again and he’ll tell you you need to use the bellows.

Winkle – Pick up the small stool on the left. Use the small stool on Otto.

Fingus – When Otto swings his lance grab a hold of it. He’ll swing you over to the other side of the ledge. Jump down onto the bellows. The Blacksmith will forge a key. Click on him to take the key.

Winkle – Use the mayonnaise on Focus. He’ll eat the mayonnaise and lower the meat slightly.

Fingus – As Focus lowers the meat use the stool on the meat to grab it.

Head back to the guards to the right.

The Guards

Fingus – Use meat on Amidal at the bottom. He’ll try to eat it and lose his teeth. Use the key on the cupboard to grab a diving suit.

Winkle – Use the key on the cupboard to grab another diving suit.

Head back to the forge to the left and then up to the Giant Lizard to the top right.

The Giant Lizard

Winkle – Send Winkle into the open doorway and he’ll go up and press a button, revealing another door in the lizard. Lift up the axe.

Fingus – While Winkle is lifting up the axe press the button to open the door.

Winkle – Have Winkle stand by the door in the lizard.

Fingus – Go through the open doorway that leads to the buttons. He’ll push a button to start the lizard moving.

Winkle – while the lizard’s mouth is moving go inside the door on the side. Schwarzy, the green guy, will be stunned.

Fingus – Use the stool on Schwarzy and Fingus will attach the hoist to him.

Winkle – Use false teeth on Schwarzy to scare him and he’ll fall down.

Fingus – Use the anvil on Schwarzy and he’ll drop down even further, opening up the well. Use diving suit on the well to get out of this level.

Winkle – Use diving suit on well to follow Fingus.

After the crazy antics of this level get ready for some underwater exploration in Level 4 – Underwater Wreckage.