Portal Knights is one of the most enjoyable games I’ve played for a while. The first thing you need to do is decide what Class you’ll play, Mage, Warrior or Ranger. They each have their own strengths and weaknesses, talents tree and unique armor and weapons. You can win the game with any of the classes but the Warriors focus more on close ranged combat, the Mage on magic spells and the Ranger on ranged attacks.

You begin on the first island called Squire’s Knoll. Clicking on the center wheel changes from 1st to 3rd person and back again. Fighting enemies is easier to do in 3rd person mode. A target will automatically be selected. If you press TAB you can change the selected enemy.

The First Quests: As you progress you’ll come across numerous NPCs. Some of them will give you quests to perform. The first thing you’ll want to do is find the house and repair the broken Workbench inside. You’ll need 4 Wooden Logs to repair the Workbench. You can now use the Workbench to craft items. The Cotton can be used to craft Cotton Cloth that’s needed for many of the armour recipes.

As you defeat some of the little critters on this island you’ll pick up Portal Shards. You can place this together in your crafting screen to make Portal Stones. Each Portal needs 6 complete stones to open a path to another island. The first portal on Squire’s Knoll already has 2 Portal Stones in it so you need to craft another 4 for the Portal to open.

Before going to the next island you may want to completely explore the first island. You’ll find a tower with a dungeon underneath. You can break all the jars to find more loot and you may be able to find a Chest with useful items inside. Most islands will have secret dungeons and hidden areas for you to explore.

General Tips

Enemies drop loot but not weapons or armor. Sometimes they drop Recipes that can be used to craft new equipment.

Finding all of the Portals on some islands can be difficult. Craft an Arcane Compass which when used will point to the direction of the nearest Portal.

Tired of fighting? Digging in the world will not only give you XP but occassionally Portal Shards.

You don’t need to jump to climb straight up. Just aim a block at your feet and place it to automatically move higher.

Switching between 1st and 3rd person is essential. Combat is easier from 3rd person perspective and building from 1st person.

A Mining Drill is a usefull way of quickly digging through a world. It will mine up to 7 blocks at a time.

If you need more Mana the Moonstone Blocks used to light up dungeons drop Mana Potions when destroyed.

Rangers are more powerful in the early game while Warriors and Mages tend to be more powerful in the late game.

You can always take a light with you by crafting the Miner Helmet. This requires the Workbench II. If you have another armor set you can place the Miner Helmet in the Vanity Head Slot and still get the light from it.

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