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Return to Monkey Island

You’ll begin this part underwater. Head to the right until you walk up onto the beach. Examine the tree a few times and Guybrush will eventually realize what it means. If you kick the tree 5 times you’ll get the “Not Bitter” achievement. Walk to the left, pick up the Skull and then walk into the jungle to get to the island map.

Take a look at LeChuck’s Map in your inventory. It tells you to start at the red berry bush so click on the red berry bush to the east of the river on your map. From there go right past the stone hand, then north past the wooden chicken and right past the bees.

Try to grab the shovel in the middle of the X and you’ll get caught in a trap. The pirate leaders wanted to capture LeChuck but they caught you instead. You agree to work with them and help them decode the real map to the secret.

A New Disguise

To break the encryption you’ll need to find out LeChuck’s favorite food, catchphrase and theme song. This means going back onto the ship, but you’ve lost your disguise.

Before going further you may want to explore the island and collect all of the Skulls. There are 6 to find just littered about the place.

One when you first arrive on Monkey Island to the left side of the beach. You should already have this one. There’s a second on top of the mountain. The third is near the shipwreck. The fourth is on Volcano Beach. The fifth is on the path to the Giant Monkey Head and the sixth is under LeChuck’s ship, just to the left of the anchor underwater.

Your new “teammates” can be found by the giant monkey head. Murray is also here to the right. Talk to the pirate leaders. One of them can cast a disguise spell on you but you’ll need a secret possession from one of LeChuck’s crew.

Head over to Volcano Beach and walk out to LeChuck’s ship.

Climb up the anchor, walk to the left and down the rudder to see Gullet. Talk to him and help him out with his poetry. Tell him the Germs rhymes with worms, roses grow and that snack rhymes with black.

Give him the Business Card that you found in part 1 and he’ll hand over the Book of Poems. Take this back to the Pirate Leaders and they’ll cast a spell on it so you can pretend to be Gullet.

LeChuck’s Secrets

Go back to LeChuck’s ship and climb up the anchor. Walk to the right and before climbing up the ladder use the Book of Poems to recite the poem and activate the disguise. Climb up the ladder to the deck.

Enter LeChuck’s cabin and you’ll spot LeChuck’s Diary. Pick it up and read through it. The clue is one of the final entries on April 10. LeChuck says he’s going back to use the catchphrase from the 17th. This can only mean Feb 17th. Go back and take a look at that entry for your answer. The catchphrases may change from game to game.

To get the favorite recipe talk to Putra and ask her about LeChuck’s favorite food. She tells you it’s Tentacles with Daisy Sauce but she’s out of tentacles. Go back to Volcano Beach and you’ll spot a dead squid.

Use the Knife to cut off a Tentacle and take it back to Putra on the ship. She’ll whip up the recipe and leave it on the table for you to take. Take the Tentacles with Daisy Sauce.

Go back up to the helm and ring the bell twice. The crew will gather for a vote. Run down into the ship and take the Theme Song from the barrel.

Now you have everything you need so return to the Giant Monkey Head.

Ritual at the Monkey Head

Walk over to Murray and pick up the Arm Bone. Place the 6 Skulls on top of the spikes and hit each of them to find out what note they play.

Take a look at the Theme Song to find out what notes you need to play. They should be Do-Do-Mi-Sol-Fa-Fa-Re. Talk to the crew and let them know you are ready for the ritual.

Once the theme song has been played you’ll need to recite the catchphrase word for word. It seems to change every game but it is the only listed in LeChuck’s Diary on the 17th of Feb. Then agree to eat the tentacle dish to complete the ritual.

During the cutscene you’ll be betrayed and thrown off the edge of a cliff with Murray. Luckily Elaine will find you.

Repairing the Sea Monkey

Pick up the Repair Manual from the tree stump and Murray and make your way back to the shipwreck.

Use the Repair Manual on the shipwreck to get to work fixing the ship. Enjoy the cutscene and get ready for the next part.

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