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Part 2 – A Dangerous Journey

Getting Out of the Hold

You don’t seem to have much freedom in your new job as swabbie. Every time you mop up the grease at the base of the ladder your boss, Gullet, will throw down more grease.

Pick up the Pamphlet on the barrel and open the wooden box on the right to find Murray. Mop up the grease and apply it to the three screws on the porthole. Use the Knife to unscrew the three Screws.

Mop the grease again and use the greased mop on the porthole. You’ll need to do this three times, then you can squeeze out the porthole to escape.

Walk right along the side of the boat to the ladder and climb up. LeChuck will be having a meeting with his crew and you’ll get the job of finding a flattened skull.

Finding the Flattened Skull

After the meeting walk down the stairs into the ship and head left until Gullet puts you back in the hold. Talk to Murray and ask him to come along with you. At first he refuses. You can either just pick him up regardless or convince him to come along.

Escape out the porthole again and climb up the ladder. Head down into the ship and look at the laundry machine.

Use the 3 Screws on the laundry machine to fix it and then put Murray through the machine to flatten him. Go back up to the deck and throw Murray into the cauldron. Gullet will get involved and tip over the potion. He’ll get thrown overboard and you’ll be promoted.

A New Plan

Walk to the right and climb up the ladder to the crow’s nest. Look through the telescope and pan it all the way to the right.

You’ll see Captain Madison with her own ship and potion but it appears she’s also missing a flattened skull. Climb back down to the deck and tell Iron Rose about your new plan. The crew votes against it. You’ll need to find a way to convince them to vote in favour of your new plan.

Talk to teach of the crewmates. You’ll need to do something for them to get a vote in return. Iron Rose is on the deck, Apple Bob is hanging upside down next to her, Flambe is up in the crow’s nest, Flair Gorey is near the door to the galley and Putra is in the galley.

The Swabbie Report

Go and enter LeChuck’s cabin. Leave and go back into the cabin again. This time as you’re leaving he’ll tell you to fill out the Swabbie Report seeing as you’re first swab now.

To fill out the swabbie report you’ll need to find 5 messes and then have it signed by Iron Rose. To fill it out click the Swabbie Report on the mess.

Walk into the galley and click anywhere in this room with the report. Go upstairs and click on the potion remains on the deck. Go back down to the hold and click on the greasy porthole.

Pick up the Chicken Feed and give it to the Ghost Chicken above on the right. Leave and come back, then click on the chicken poop.

Leave through the porthole and walk to the left. Climb down the rudder to Gullet and add him to the report. Before you leave pull out the Knife sticking out of him. Return to Iron Rose on the deck and give her the report to sign.

Getting the Support of the Crew

You’ll need to convince the crew to vote with you. Here’s a quick overview of what they want.

Iron Rose – Needs inspiration
Apple Bob – Wants entertainment
Flambe – Wants a Scorched Alaska
Flair Gorey – Wants her Whale Knife
Putra – Always votes with Iron Rose but wants a promotion

Iron Rose is easy to sort out. She’s having a crisis of faith so give her the inspirational Pamphlet that you found in the hold. Climb up to the crow’s nest and talk to Flambe. He wants a Scorched Alaska.

Go to the galley and talk to Putra about everything. She wants to be a Chef and will slam her Application down on the counter. Pick it up, attach it to the other papers from Iron Rose and take them to LeChuck who will stamp all of them.

While you’re down here talk to Flair Gorey and give her back her Whale Knife that you found on Gullet.

Return to Putra with the Signed Application and she’ll be happy to make the Scorched Alaska but it’s not hot enough. Walk up to the deck, use your Ceremonial Knife to cut off the top of the flare next to the cannon and combine this with the Scorched Alaska in your inventory.

Climb up to the crow’s nest and give the Scorched Alaska to Flambe. He’ll put down his book. Pick up the Joke Book, climb down the ladder and give it to Apple Bob for some entertainment.

That should be everyone. Head up the steps to the helm and ring the bell once to call a vote.

They’ll all agree to follow your plan.

The Map and Potion

After the meeting ring the bell twice. This calls LeChuck out to yell at the crew. Enter the cabin and switch the Map on the desk with your Mop Map.

Go back out onto the deck and put Murray into the cannon. You want to fire it over to the other ship so use the flare to light the cannon and enjoy the cutscene.

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