Arrival In Valadilene

After arriving in Valadilene you find yourself at the hotel. Click on the noticeboard to pick up the advertising brochure. You’ll learn a little about the history of the town and the toy factory.

Walk to the south and talk to Momo sitting at the table. He seems a little slow but take note of the drawing he is etching into the table.

Syberia Walkthrough Ring The BellGo back to the hotel counter and view it more closely. Pick up the key then select it from your inventory and click on the toy bell ringer. Now click on the red button and the hotel manager will come out.

Talk the the hotel manager. During the conversation Momo will get upset and leave, dropping some items on the floor. The manager will take you up to your hotel room. Once in your room pick up the fax on your bedside table. It’s a letter from your boss. Better give him a call.

Note the telephone number on the fax. That’s the number to your office. Check your inventory and select your phone. Type in the office number and give them a call.

Head downstairs again and ask about ‘mission‘. He’ll hand you the letter of introduction that has just arrived.

Walk over to where Momo was sitting. Pick up the two cogs that are lying on the ground and the two cogs that are on the table.

Syberia Walkthrough Cogs on tableSyberia Walkthrough NotaryLeave the hotel and walk to the left three screens until you come to a large building with what appears to be a bus shelter out the front. This is the notary. Pick up the newspaper on one of the benches. There’s a little piece about the death of Anna Voralberg.

Have a closer look at the mechanism by the door and pull the lever on it’s chest. Put the letter of introduction (fax 2) in it’s hands and then pull the lever on the right. The doors will open for you.

Syberia Walkthrough Notary AutomatonSyberia Walkthrough notary doorMove down one screen then enter the door on the left where maitre Alfolter is at his desk. Have a chat with him and he’ll tell you about a letter from Anna that states their is another inheritor to the toy factory, Hans Voralberg.

Syberia Walkthrough Factory KeyMake sure you pick up the telescopic key in the umbrella stand before you leave the notary. It’s right in front of the front door.

Head to the factory gate which is on the right hand side of the main street. Dan will give you a call before you get there. He’s not too happy but there’s nothing we can do about it for now.

The Mammoths Cave

Take a closer look at the factory gate and use the telescopic key from your inventory on the top figure. Then turn the winding mechanism at the bottom and the gate will open. We have a few options here and there are many paths to choose.

The left path leads to the factory. The top left to the platform. The top right to the train station and the right to Anna’s mansion. We’re going to head to Anna’s mansion first so take the path to the right.

Syberia Walkthrough Factory Gate

Syberia Walkthrough Factory Courtyard

The front door to Anna’s mansion is locked so walk around the back until you find the strange looking ladder. Keep following the path further into the garden to the right and you’ll see a hedge maze. Talk to the gardener.

Enter the open gate to the left and then the walk through the open gate on the next screen to the top. There’s a water basin there. Look in it and take the Voralberg key. Go back to the odd looking ladder and inspect the back of it more closely. Use the Voralberg key on the key hole at the back and the ladder will ascend.

Climb the ladder and you’ll enter the house through the attic window. Head to the left and open the writing desk. Take the ink and Anna’s diary. The diary will tell you about Han’s accident and how he left Valadilene.

Syberia Walkthrough Attic 2 Syberia Walkthrough Attic

Walk to the other side of the attic and then to the dark area to the top of the screen. It’s too dark to see here but there is a light bulb you can turn on at the top right side of the screen. You’ll hear a noise behind you so come back and talk to Momo.

Momo wants you to draw a mammoth. He’ll give you a pencil and paper to draw on. Go back up to the dark area and look closely at the wooden beam on the right. Han’s has etched a mammoth there many years ago. Use the pencil and paper on the mammoth etching.

Give the pencil tracing of a mammoth to Momo who tells you he’s going to show you a secret. Follow Momo out of the factory area and down the main street of Valadilene.

Syberia Walkthrough Momo's Secret

Syberia Walkthrough Valadilene Forest

Continue following Momo through the forest and enjoy the gorgeous scenery. Talk to Momo again when you see him at a fork in the road.

Walk up the steps and try to open the dam. One of the wooden levers will break. Head down to Momo and ask him for help. He’ll try to open the dam for you but will only break the wooden lever. Pick up the broken lever.

Syberia Walkthrough Momo DamGo back to the row boat you passed on the way here and use the broken lever to bring the oar closer to you. Kate doesn’t want to pick up the oar because it is dirty and wet.

Go back to Momo and ask him for help again. He’ll take the oar to the fork in the road. Ask him for help once again and he’ll use the oar as a lever to open the dam.

The water level is lowered now so you can cross the river. Take the path that leads across the river and follow it into the cave. Around the back of the stalagmite is a mammoth toy doll. Take a closer look at it and pick it up.

Walk back to the town and on the way you’ll get a call from one of your friends from work.

The Factory

Head back to the factory courtyard and take the top left path to the platform. On the platform is some kind of canister and a lever on one of the columns. Pull the lever and a claw will take the canister into the factory.

Syberia Walkthrough factory platform

Syberia Walkthrough factory stairs

Go back to the courtyard and take the left path into the factory. When you enter the factory take the stairs on the left hand side. Enter the first door into Anna’s office. Take a closer look at Anna’s desk. You’ll see the new train design, an unfinished letter written by Anna to Hans and some outstanding bills.

Syberia Walkthrough Factory Anna's Desk

Syberia Walkthrough Factory Cabinet

Take a closer look at the cabinet with the clock in the center. Pull the book out that’s second from the right and the clock section will spin around revealing some kind of music box, a Hans-Anna mechanical toy and a music cylinder.

Go back down to the factory floor and go to the right, then up to the door at the top left of the screen. This will take you to a room where you can turn the water wheel on and get the factory powered up. First pull the chain to the right and then pull the lever.

Now head out of the room and run all the way to the right until you see a platform with the canister you brought in from outside. Once you get their you’ll receive a call from your mother.

Syberia Walkthrough Water Wheel

Syberia Walkthrough Oscar

Take a look at the forklift and turn the crank. This will set it into action and take the canister out to the factory production line.

Walk through the door to the top and you’ll see an automaton hanging above a bench. Walk around the back and wind the crank to lower him to the bench. You can now talk to him. He’ll tell you that he needs some legs and give you a punch card for the production line.

Syberia Walkthrough Factory Production ControlGo up the staircase again and this time walk past Anna’s office and go up the second set of stairs to the control desk. Pull the lever on the bottom right. It should light up.

Put the punch card in the slot and use the left control to change the color of the legs.  Have a look at the advertising brochure to see what color the legs should be. It’s the ebony sample on page two showing you the color used for sophisticated models.

Choose the light tan color and the legs will drop out at the end of the production line. Go and pick them up and give them to Oscar. He will quickly run off to see to the train.

The Church

Make your way out of the factory and up the hill to the church. The gates will be open now so you can go inside. Once you arrive you’ll get a call from your boss Mr. Marson. He tells you to get the sale finalized or else.

At the front of the church walk to the right and go all the way around the back. There is a strange elevator. Keep going past it until you come to a back door. This door is unlocked so you can go inside.

Walk around the table to the alter. Have a closer look at the crucifix hanging on the wall and move it. Take the key hidden behind it.

Syberia Walkthrough Church Back Door

Syberia Walkthrough Church Secret Drawer

Now go over to the dresser and use the key on the lock. Look through all the drawers and take the red punch card, purple punch card, green punch card and blue punch card.

Open the third drawer and you’ll notice it’s not a complete drawer. Turn the crank and it will open all the way out. Take the Voralberg key and the letter of confession.

Syberia Walkthrough GearsGo back to the elevator and look at the wall. The cogs look the same as the drawing Momo was etching into the table except some of the cogs are missing.

Place the four cogs from your inventory in the proper slots and then pull the lever.

The elevator will take you up to the belfry. You’ll see an automaton there with a slot in his back. Look closer at it and insert one of the punch cards. The bells will ring. Each of the punch cards plays a different tune. The purple punch card is the one we want to use as it plays the requiem.

During the cut-scene the automaton sitting on the mausoleum will lower its hat. Head down the elevator and left to the mausoleum. Look at the hat and use the Voralberg key to open the mausoleum gate.

Go down the steps and pull open Han’s crypt. You find a Valadilene voice cylinder and a press cut.

Run back to Anna’s office in the factory and use the Valadilene voice cylinder in the music box and you’ll see the story of how Hans had his accident.

Train Station

It’s almost time to leave Valadilene. Go back to the factory courtyard and take the top right path to the train station. Enter the train and talk to Oscar. He’ll a stickler for the rules and won’t leave unless you have a ticket.

Exit the train to the left and go to the ticket office. Oscar is there and he’ll give you a ticket and the train release form. This needs to be stamped so head over to the notary and look at the reception desk with the approval stamp on it put the train release form down and then fill the top of the stamp with ink. Press the red button and your form will be stamped.

Syberia Walkthrough Oscar Ticket

Syberia Walkthrough stamping train release form

Head back to the train station and cross over the train to the right side. You’ll see a train winder there. Turn the crank and then pull the lever to wind up the train.

Enter the train and Dan will call again. The relationship is turning sour but Dan will have to wait.

Give Oscar the train release form but there are still some things that need to be done before we can leave.

Syberia Walkthrough train pedestalGo to the center of the train and put the Hans-Anna mechanical toy on the center pedestal. The toy mammoth doll goes on the rectangular base on the desk and the Valadilene voice cylinder and music cylinder go inside the cabinet.

Now go back to Oscar and give him your ticket. You can now sit back and enjoy the ride!

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