Escaping Komkolzgrad

After Helena’s spectacular performance she’ll be trapped in a cage. Run up to her and use the metal sheers on the lock. Walk inside the cage to the automaton and use the screwdriver to get Oscar’s hands back.

Trapped in KomkolzgradWalk back down the stairs and continue until you catch up with Helena. Press the red button to the left of the metal door to allow access to the elevator. Helena will enter first and metal bars will block you from entering. You’ll give Helena Oscar’s hands and tell her to meet you at the train.

Go to the top of the screen and use the other elevator. As you walk out the elevator will blow up behind you. Run down the corridor to the exit elevator. This one has dynamite on it ready to explode!

The TNT blows up the exit elevator but also blows the cover off the ventilation shaft. Climb into the ventilation shaft on the right hand side and you’ll come out by the train.

Talk to Oscar at the front of the train then enter the cabin. Before the train sets off the giant automaton will bar the path of the train. Dan will call and Kate starts to realize how mundane her life really was.

Go back and talk to Oscar and he’ll tell you about the iron rods blocking the train. Go back to the mine entrance and grab some dynamite¬†from one of the crates.

Komkolzgrad DynamiteKomkolzgrad Explosion

Meeting Hans Voralberg

Now that the train has arrived in Aralbad, Oscar decides to take a stroll outside. You can head to the other end of the train platform to talk to him.

Turn the wheel of the train winder and then pull the lever. Run back into the hotel and grab Felix’s attention by ringing the bell and have a chat with him.

Go back to Oscar and ask him about mission. Before you leave Felix will come running out saying there is a package for you at reception. Go back to the reception and have a look at the box on the counter to the left. Inside you’ll find another toy mammoth.

Mr. Marson will call and he’s at his wits end but the mission is almost complete. Helena will also call reception and invite you into the lounge. Run back to the hotel bar and talk to Helena.

Head out to the pier and talk to Hans Voralberg, and watch the last part of this epic adventure!