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Pontius is off on an adventure of his own, heading towards the Cursed Manor. Make your way to the right and jump on the pumpkin with the experience Orb on it. You’ll start riding the pumpkin across the river. Jump off it and grab the next Orb. Attack the roots holding the tree to push it over.

Jump on the bouncy mushrooms up to the ledge to the right and ride the next mushroom through the poisoned plants.

Jump up to the ledge and ride another pumpkin across to the right so you can jump up for another Orb.

Do a stomp to break through the wooden barriers to the cave below and stomp down on the floor for another Orb.

Just to the right is a see-saw with a log on the right side. Stomp down on the left side and when the log drops back down you’ll get flung up into the air. Grab the ledge above and continue into the house to the right.

Use the see-saw again to fling yourself up to the chandeliers and grab the 3 experience Jars.

Run up the stairs to the right and break through the branches. Grab the experience Orb on the flappy platform and use the next one to jump across the poisoned plants for another Orb.

Jump on the see-saw and the box will break through the branches above. The sunlight will shine down and dissolve the wall to the right.

Smash the floor to the right and drop down to the cavern below. Use your shield to deflect the light and dissolve the branches to the left and right. An experience Jar will drop down from the left.

Getting the experience Jar from the right is a little bit trickier. Use your shield to deflect the light to the shield hanging on the wall. It will then hit the vines and dissolve them, allowing the other 3 Jars to drop to the ground.

Use the next see-saw to break the branches above and to reach the ledge to the left for more Jars. Climb up the wall to the right and break the branches. Jump onto the box and deflect the light to the vines above. Jump up and break through the wall to the left for a secret room with more Orbs.

To the right you’ll see a plant on the roof shooting down green fireballs. Deflect them to the branches just to the left to release a Jar.

Use your shield to make your way through the next tunnel and then deflect the green fireballs onto the branches holding the bridge. It will drop down so you can run across. Break the branches to the right and you’ll find the Ghoul.

To defeat him you’ll need to break the environment to release a beam of light so that it stuns him for a few seconds.

When he’s stunned quickly run up and hit him as many times as you can. He’ll gather his senses and start attacking you again. The first beam of light is found by breaking the stones to the right. The second beam is found by deflecting one of his green fireballs to break the branches above. Use your shield to deflect light onto him.

Lastly deflect the green fireballs to the branches on the wall to the right. Do a stomp on the see-saw and the box on the other side will break the ceiling and release the final beam. Use your shield once more to deflect the light onto the ghoul and hit him a final time to defeat him.

Once Pontius has completed this quest he’ll receive a letter asking for his assistance to find the missing Prince.

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