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You begin the story in the house of Amadeus. He decides to take a trip to the mailbox which is located in a very inconvenient location. Mostly in this game you’ll be headed to the right so go through the door and continue along the path to the right.

There’s 25 experience orbs or jars to collect in this level. Orbs are not affected by physics while jars can be pushed around by other objects. This first one is located just up the step to the right.

Head across the bridge and jump up the floating platforms, picking up the second Orb along the way.

Pick up the snowball and use it to break the branches around the tree. The tree will fall over creating a bridge across to the other side. the next Jar is trapped in some roots. Use the snowball to break the roots and the Jar will fall to the ground.

In the next cavern pick up the large log and drop it next to the ledge on the right. Use it to jump onto the ledge for another two Orbs.

For the next puzzle shift the top stone block to the left and the bottom one up. They’ll both get stuck in position so you can run through.

The next cliff looks too high to climb up. Make a mound of snowballs so you can jump up them to the ledge. Jump down the other side, collecting the Orb along the way.

Use the wooden planks in the next area, rotate them and stick them in the sticky snow so you can get up to the top. There’s an experience Orb on the ledge to the left.

Continue up the ledges to the right for another Orb and run across the bridge. The next area has another wooden plank puzzle. Place one plank across the y-structure and the other two on either side to create a ramp up to the ledge.

Run across to the right and conjure a box to break the branches holding the experience Jar. Use the box to jump up to the ledge on the right.

There’s a couple of experience orbs floating in the air so place a box beneath them and jump up to grab them.

There’s another experience orb on a button to the right. Grab it and then place a box on the button to lower the lift. Stand on the lift and destroy the box to take it to the top where you’ll find 2 Orbs.

Grab the Orb on the ramp and stand on the right side. Place a box on the left side to lift it up so you can jump across to the right.

Run across the bridge and then grab the large log to free the goat. Grab the log and place it on the structure to the right so you can jump up and collect the 2 Orbs.

The broken bridge can easily be repaired by picking up the dangling end and placing it behind the wooden posts on the other side of the chasm.

Run across it to the right and place a box on the right platform of the see-saw. Jump up to the left and then up to the ledge on the right.

Wait for the goat to break the tree and run across it to the other side. Place a box in the sticky snow and jump up it to the ledge on the left with 2 Orbs.

Grab the box and use it to smash the branches on the wooden bridge frame to the right. Place the box on the bridge frame and use it to jump across to the other side.

Use the boxes and the planks to create ramps up to the platforms. Grab the experience Orbs along the way.

Continue to the right until you find the letterbox.

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