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Destroy all Soviet Research Centers. There are three of them on the map and each is located on a different island. Bring Tanya onto the Transporta and send the four Gunboats to clear out the waters. Soviet subs are patrolling the seas. The islands with the Research Centers are to the north, north-east and eastern sides of the map.

The base to the north is fairly well defended so you might like to leave that one till last. As you explore the map you’ll be given Cruisers as reinforcements. They’ll make life much easier due to their massive range. Clear out the islands with your Cruisers and then send in Tanya and what ever other troops you have available.

When you get to the island to the north a Transport will drop off a few Tanks. They might not be enough to destroy the Research Center until you have your Cruisers nearby. If they all die don’t worry because you can come back with more troops later. The island to the north-east is protected by Helicopters. They’ll attack when you land troops so make sure you’re Cruisers are nearby to take them down. The island to the east is the easiest of all. Destroy as much as you can with your Cruisers and then send in Tanya to blow up the Research Center. When all three have been destroyed the mission will be a success.

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