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Eliminate all dissidents. You’ll be facing off against both Soviet and Allied forces for this mission. You begin with a few Tanks and Infantry at the bottom of the screen. If you move along the road you’ll be attacked by a Commando. Move one Tank along the road to get the Commando’s attention and then pull back. When he goes into the Church he’ll get a Nuke. Quickly bring the Tank into the middle of the village and let the Commando blow himself and the village up. With the remaining Tank, Mammoth and Infantry take out the 2 enemy Tanks and then head to the north-east to meet up with your other reinforcements.

Bring your MCV a little to the north and set up your base. From here there are Ore Fields to the north and south. Pretty soon the MiGs will start arrive so make sure you have 2 or 3 SAM Sites ready to take them down.

Ore is fairly limited but you should have enough time to defend your base and build up a force of your best Tanks to sweep the enemy from the map. After a while a Truck will escape from the enemy base with women and children. If it makes it off the map the Soviet Special Forces will arrive in Mammoth Tanks. There’s about 6 or 7 of them. To complete the mission all you need to do is destroy all of the Soviet Special Forces. If you destroyed the Truck as it was escaping the Special Forces won’t show up and you’ll have to wipe all enemy units from the map.

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