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This mission is relatively easy considering it’s the second last mission of the campaign. Your objective is to destroy the 4 Radar Domes to find the location of Volkov. Once you know where he is send in a Scientist to repair him. Finally, destroy all Allied forces in the area.

Build the base and send the reinforcements up to the north-east and leave them their to take out any Allied forces that try to break through. Build a War Factory to replace any lost Tanks and then go for a Sub Pen. Build 4 or 5 Subs and send them out to clear the waters. Build a Tech Center and then a couple of Missile Subs. You’ll also want an Airfield so you can use Spy Planes.

Send the Missile Subs to the north and use a Spy Plane to uncover the island for a second. Have your Missile Subs target the first Radar Dome and destroy it. Head over to the next island to the east and do the same thing. If you want you can use the Missile Subs to completely clear the island.

Build up a group of Tanks on the main island and send them to the east, clearing out the Allied troops along the way. You’ll come across the next two Radar Domes. Once the last one has been destroyed the War Factory where Volkov is being held will be revealed. You’ll also be given a few Scientists back at your starting location. Send a Scientist into the War Factory and Volkov will come running out. Send him back to your base and put him on the Chopper. Destroy all remaining Allied Forces to complete the mission.

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