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Use the vehicle to drive Volkov into all of the Allied Bases and destroy the Radar Dome. When that’s done wipe out the rest of the Allied forces. Place Volkov in the vehicle and drive into the Allied base to the north. Get out and destroy the Tech Center and Barracks. Quickly get back in before the Tanks arrive and make your way south and east. There’s a base to the north and one to the south. Go north first and quickly destroy the Construction Yard in the far north-east corner. Also take out the 2 Refineries, War Factory and Barracks. Head to the south and destroy the Radar Dome and Barracks.

You’ll be given Subs and Missile Subs for reinforcements. Send them to the west and sweep the seas of any Allied Ships. Reinforcements will arrive by Transports, a large contingent of Tanks. Send the tanks around and destroy all the Allied forces and any remaining structures to complete the mission.

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