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Send a Spy into the compound to observe the Molotov Brothers. If they are involved with the Allies bring him back to signal for reinforcements then wipe out the base. When your Spy drops in send him directly north to the compound. When you spot the brothers listen to the conversation. Follow them into the Control Center. After a few seconds he’ll be spotted. Quickly run him back to the beach to the south to signal for reinforcements. Unfortunately the Dogs will get him before reinforcements arrive.

When the reinforcements arrive protect the Tesla Tank and MCV at all costs. Take out the nearby Allied units, including the V2 Rocket on the hill. The Tesla Tank has a long range so slowly move it towards the base to the north, using it to take out the Pillboxes, Tesla Coil and Flame Turrets. Once you’re in the base focus on taking out the Construction Yard first, then the Barracks and War Factory. You’ll be attacked by air once you start attacking the structures so you’ll be lucky to do any more damage.

Construct your base and start building a Power Plant and Ore Refinery. Build a Barracks, Flame Tower, War Factory and then a few Tanks. There’s not a lot of room for base building here so you’ll have to do your best to squeeze everything in. Send a few Tanks to the east to destroy the Research Center and take the cash inside. There’s also a Radar Dome on a hill to the south.

Once you have a group of Tanks sweep through the remainder of the enemy base. Don’t forget the Air Fields on a piece of land jutting out from the north-eastern side. Once all enemy units and structures on the island have been destroyed the mission will be complete.

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