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When the two Chrono Tanks arrive blow up the tanks and the Cargo Truck trying to make a getaway to the north. Teleport over to the island to the west. Destroy the Radar Dome a little to the north which will destroy all the SAM Sites on this island. Teleport across the river to the west and destroy another SAM Site. Follow the path down and around to the north and blow up the next Radar Dome. Once again the SAM Sites on this island will be destroyed as well.

Wait for reinforcements to arrive. Tanya will parachute down to another island just to the north. Bring Tanya along the path and blow up the two Power Stations. When the MCV arrives deploy the base and build a Power Station, Barracks and Ore Refinery. You’ll want a Radar Dome as well so you can build Spies. Send the Spies into the Soviet bases to find the SAM Sites. Teleport the Chrono Tanks over and blow up the SAM Sites to complete the mission.

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