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The last mission for the Allied campaign. You must defend the base for 20 minutes until reinforcements arrive, then head out to destroy the Soviet Radar Dome before finishing them off.

Rather than just protecting your base send a Tank to the river to the north west. You’ll receive reinforcements that will land on the northern shore, 4 Tanks and a Mechanic. Take out the Soviet Tank and Infantry and then bring them up to the north west corner. From here you can harass the Soviets but taking out their units and structures. When your Tanks take too much damage retreat back to the Mechanic to fix them up. Repeat until you’ve destroyed the Radar Dome which is just to the east of the Airstrips.

Now that the Soviets have been prevented from receiving any reinforcements head back to your base and start building up a force of Tanks. Sweep through the rest of the Soviet forces to complete the mission.

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