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Infiltrate the three Intelligence Centers with Spies to find the location of the Tank Remote Control Station. Blow it up to stop the production of the MAD Tanks, then wipe out the rest of the Soviet base.

You’ll be attacked pretty heavily from the start by ground and air forces. Protect your base and when you have the time build a Naval Yard and then a Cruiser. Send the Cruiser down the western edge of the map and blow up the enemy Tesla Coils. Build an APV and train a few Thieves. Send them down to the south and into the Ore Refinery to steal lots of cash.

With the influx of credits you should be able to build a strong force of Tanks. Also build a Chronosphere and send the Cruiser to the lake to the south east. You’ll need to scout this area out with a Spy first of all. The Cruiser can then cause havoc in the eastern side. While this is happening train a few Spies and send them into the 3 Research Centers. They’ll pinpoint the location of the Command Center. Blow it up with your Cruiser.

The jobs not done yet. You’ll need to wipe out all remaining Soviet forces. Sweep your tanks across and deal with the rest of the Soviet army to complete the mission.

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