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The Allies are testing a new weapon, the Chronotank. You must establish a base on the island and wipe out all Allied forces. Chronotanks will periodically shift into your base so make sure you have forces ready to defend at all times.

Build your base and then go straight for the Power Plant and Barracks. Get the Ore Refinery started while you train at least 5 Infantry. A Jeep will attack the base fairly early so you’ll need the Infantry to defend. There’s an ore field with gems directly to the north and more ore fields to the east.

Once you have a War Factory and a few defensive structures established build a Sub Pen. Make a few Subs and send them to the west and north to clear the waters. Build the Tech Center which allows for the building of Missile Subs. Send two of them around the coast to the northern waters and start bombing the Allied base. If you hit the Construction Yard and the production buildings the Allies will sell everything and make a rush for your base. You may want to take it slower and just wipe out a few of their buildings before sending the rest of your army north to finish them off. Once all Allied units and structures have been destroyed the mission will be complete.

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