Under Seige (Mission 14)

As you can see from the cut-scene the Nod base is in a bit of trouble. There are GDI forces surrounding it form the north, east and west. Luckily they won’t attack you until you try to send your units out of the base.

Sell off all unnecessary buildings and then build a Turret just to the south of the north entrance. Try to bait some of the GDI forces to attack to thin out the ranks of GDI vehicles. When a space is available send out your Stealth Tank to reveal the Tiberium Field to the north.

Head to the west to spy out the GDI base. You can break through the barrier in the south western corner of the base. Enter and find the Construction Yard.

Building Your Defences

Start building Sandbags and line them up to the north, towards the Tiberium Field. Build one Refinery and then a Second. You should be safe from GDI attacks here except for the Airstrikes.

Start building defenses in your base. You’ll want about 4 Obelisks of Light and enough Power Plants to power them all. Having Turrets and other vehicles around the base will also help. In the mean time send out your Nuke to take out the GDI Construction Yard and surrounding buildings. There will be a small counter attack but most of the GDI forces will stay put.

When you have the Obelisks ready to go start attacking and retreating to annoy the GDI. Eventually they’ll send in all of their units to destroy your base. Get ready to repair the Obelisks if you need to but the GDI should be no match for them.

With most of the GDI forces eliminated send out your troops to destroy the rest of the GDI base to win the mission.

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