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When you begin the game you’ll be in the Hall of Doors. Head to the north up the stairs and continue up through the security point.

Run up the two sets of stairs to the northeast and you’ll find your place of work. A door will appear just above so you can harvest your designated soul.

Just before going through the door you can head up the stairs to the west to find the Umbrella leaning on the light post. This is the first weapon but does less damage than the regular sword.

Go through the door to The Grove of Spirits.

The Grove of Spirits

Head down the stairs and hit the button to lower the gate above.

Go up the stairs and use the Magic Bow to shoot the next button.

Press the next button to open up the shortcut back to the door then go through to the boss fight.

The Demonic Forest Spirit can be a tough first boss even for the tutorial level. It starts by spinning around in the center and lashing down with its tentacles.

Follow the Forest Spirit around and hit it when you can. When the Forest Spirit moves around the arena dodge out of the way and hit it with the magic bow.

Once it’s been defeated you’ll get knocked out and someone will steal the soul essence. Go through the door that appears and you’ll be in the Lost Cemetery.

Lost Cemetery

Follow the path to the base of the stairs and hit the button to open the gate. Go through, head under the bridge, up the next stairs and through the door to the north of the long ladder.

Exit to the southwest and pick up Life Seed #1. Go back and climb up the long ladder. Make your way down the stairs and southwest down the stairs opposite the locked gate.

Interact with the keyhole to make a door back to the Hall of Doors appear.

Hall of Doors

Go through the door and talk to the Vault Manager. He’ll let you upgrade your abilities in exchange for Soul Energy.

When you’re ready go back through the door to the Lost Cemetery.

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