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Demonic Forest Spirit

The Forest Spirit is found in the Lost Grove which is more of a tutorial area. This boss can still pose a problem for the unprepared as it smashes its tentacles on the ground and spins around.

Move around with the Forest Spirit and stay out from under the tentacles. Get in as many hits as you can as it turns around. After a little while the Forest Spirit will curl its tentacles around itslef and move around the arena. Stay out of range and use your arrows to deal damage.

Lastly the Forest Spirit will stand up on its tentacles. Take out the tentacles until it falls back down. The boss should almost be defeated at this point.

Guardian of the Door

This castle of a boss slams down with one fist before spinning around 360 degrees. Roll out of the way and roll back to get in 3 strikes.

When the Guardian floats to the back of the arena and tries to target you with the laser you may be able to get in a few arrows shots before needing to roll out of the way. Get in close just as the laser is winding up so you can get in more strikes while the boss is getting ready to do it’s close combat attack again.

That’s pretty much it for this boss. It will shoot out missiles as it’s getting towards the end of its life but they’re fairly easy to dodge.

The Witch of Urns

For this boss you’ll want to use ranged attacks such as the fireball or arrow spells. Do as much ranged damage as you can then get in close to replenish your spells points.

The Urn Witch will throw jars at you. Some of them will explode and others will release a seeking fireball. You can hit them back at the Witch for extra damage.

At some point the Witch will jump into her jar and hop around a few times, then spin around releasing dozens of purple fireballs. Stay back and dodge between them before going in for the kill.

King of the Swamp (Frog King)

The boss fight with the Frog King begins with him jumping towards you a few times and swinging his mace. Wait for him to stop, run behind him and hit him into the swamp. Once you do this three times he’ll evolve into the large version and the true boss fight will begin.

You’ll need to deal enough damage before all the tiles of the arena are gone. It really is a race to defeat the Frog King in time so you’ll need to get in as many hits as possible at each opportunity. Use the ranged fireball spell when the Frog King is sitting out in the swamp, then come close for melee attacks when he pulls one side of the arena down.

The Frog King will suck in tiles from the arena. If not free spots are available next to him you’ll have to use ranged attacks. The Frog King will jump onto the arena and then over to the other side and repeat the process.


Betty will smash down with both fists or stomp down with one fist at a time. This attack is fairly easy to get away from, just roll out of the way. If you get to the side of her she may try to swipe out to the side so be careful.

Her next attack is that she’ll curl into a ball and roll towards you. She seems to lock onto you and roll towards you no matter which way you move. You’ll need to get much more distance than you would think. I tend to keep running and rolling to get away from her in during this attack.

Towards the end of the boss fight snowballs will fall down from the roof. They’re hard to spot but it’s unlikely you’ll randomly get hit by one so I just ignore them.

The Grey Crow

The Grey Crow is large and quick. He’ll run towards you so you’ll need to roll to the sides. Luckily his turning arc is pretty bad.

The Grey Crow will use chains to dash towards you quickly. Stay out of reach and wait for this attack to finish. He’ll also send out little shadow crows. You can hit them back into the boss for extra damage.

Towards the end of the fight the Grey Crow will shoot out a black void that draws you in. You can just hit it to destroy it.

The Last Lord (Lord of Doors)

To get to the Last Lord you’ll have to run the gauntlet. this means getting past a series of platforming sections with a small fight with the Lord of Doors at the end of each one. The Lord of Doors will pick up new abilities from the boss fights that you’ve already won as you go along.

Once you reach the work area of the Hall of Doors the real boss fight will begin. The Lord of Doors will have many of the attacks of other bosses such as rolling like Betty, using the laser like the Guardian, throwing out urns like the Witch and so on.

Once you learn each of the attacks and are fast enough to move out of the way you should have not trouble with this boss. Generally in between each of the attacks you’ll be able to get in 2 strikes.

The Grave Digger

You’ll face the Grave Digger if you’re going for the True Ending. Finally you’ll have the strength to defeat him. The Grave Digger has some regular strikes and smashes with his shovel. He’ll also jump and smash down with the shovel, causing ripples to radiate out from around him. Just dodge out of the way.

Towards the second half of the boss fight the Grave Digger will spawn in little zombies to help. Kill them to replenish your magic and use ranged attacks to finish off the Grave Digger.

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