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Head east to the Summit and Death’s Door where you’ll find the Grey Crow.

The three giant souls will be used to open the door and you’ll head through to the place beyond.

After meeting Death and finding out he’s stuck here the Grey Crow will get mad and attack.

Grey Crow Boss Fight

The Grey Crow has a couple of different attacks, the first is just a regular charge. The second is a hook dash across the screen. The Grey Crow will do this half a dozen times before crashing back to the ground.

Towards the end of the fight the Grew Crow will release little birds and bombs. The little birds can be hit to replenish your magic.

After the battle you’ll be back in the Lost Cemetery. Head to the Hall of Doors.

Hall of Doors

The Crows will be gathered, planning a way out. Take the lift up and go through the door that opens to the north.

Lord of Doors Gauntlet

Go up the stairs and meet the Lord of Doors. There are many phases to this boss battle. In the first phase he’ll be jumping and smashing down with his fist.

He’ll also summon bulls to charge at you. Dodge out of the way and strike back. Once the Lord of Doors has taken enough damage he’ll escape through a door. Follow him through.

In the second phase the Lord of Doors will summon bulls as you run through the office area.

Dodge past them as you navigate along the platforms. At certain sections you’ll need to hook across the gaps.

At the end the Lord of Doors will teleport through a door. Follow him through to a garden.

This time the Lord of Doors will smash down with his fist but also summon little bomb jars from small portals.

Once he’s taken enough damage he’ll summon a door and escape. Follow him through again.

The next phase is another gauntlet. Make your way through the office area while avoiding the rampaging bulls.

Go through the door at the end to be in a boss fight with the Lord of Doors in the Overgrown Ruins area. This time he’ll slam down making pillars of fire.

After doing enough damage he’ll escape. Follow him through for the second last gauntlet section. Avoid the rampaging bulls and make your way to the next door.

This time you’ll be in Betty’s Lair and the Lord of Doors will have a new charge ability.

Use the same tactic as with Betty, rolling away and keeping your distance.

Go through the door when the Lord of Doors escapes and navigate through one final gauntlet section. Head through the portal at the end and you’ll be back at the beginning of the game.

Head up the stairs to the office area for a final battle.

Lord of Doors Boss Battle

The Lord of Doors will have all the abilities from the bosses you’ve faced up until now. He’ll smash down with his fist, summon charging bulls, summon bomb jars, smash down making pillars of fire, do a rolling charge and follow you with a laser.

Do your best to dodge out of the way but learning his attacks may take a few tries. Once he’s been defeated you’ll get a final cutscene and the credits.

The game hasn’t finished yet because you still don’t know the true ending. Head to the next section for 100% completion and the True Ending.

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