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From the Hall of Doors take the door up the stairs to the east to the Overgrown Ruins.

Overgrown Ruins

Go southwest back to the gondola and hook to the platform to the north. Hook around until you can shoot the button in the alcove.

This makes a walkway to the northwest. Go across and take out all the enemies that spawn in. After defeating the Poison Knight the vine will lower. Climb up and follow the path along to the north for Magic Shrine #6.

Head back to the south, grab the Soul Orb and drop back down to the gondola area. Head back to the Reaper Door and continue north.

Climb up the ladder and head to the settlement. Go through the gate and continue north and then southeast. Climb up the ladder in the spot where the camera turns around above the entrance to the Mushroom Dungeon.

From here hook across to the top of the pillar to the south. Hook across a couple of times and then drop down for the Malformed Seed.

To the south you’ll find an entrance to the Mushroom Dungeon through a breakable wall. Next to it is a small breakable wall with a Soul Orb inside. Take this entrance into the Mushroom Dungeon.

Mushroom Dungeon

Break through the wall into the next room and grab the Soul Orb before dropping down.

Take the exit to the north and break the wall to the north in the next room.

Break through the wall, open the locked gate and grab the Corrupted Antler on the other side of the bridge.

Head back and go northeast and go to the room with the Ancient Door. Go west and southwest, then break through the wall to the north.

Light the fires to open the gate and go through to Vitality Shrine #6.

Go back the way you came to the Ancient Door and take the exit to the south. Continue southwest a couple of screens and then southeast to the Frog Domain.

Break the low wall and take the exit to the east which leads to the Flooded Fortress.

Flooded Fortress

Make your way to the southeast and break the crates for Life Seed #38.

Follow the path to the southwest and hit the red button to reveal a new path. Follow it around until you see a walkway leading off to the northwest. At the very top corner through the arch you’ll spot a red button.

Follow new path to the north to find Magic Shrine #7. Just one more to find. Head back to the intersection and continue to the southwest.

Shoot the button to the south and go to the south. You’ll see a Soul Orb on a platform. We’ll get to it later. Continue south along the wooden platform to an intersection.

Take the path to the southwest first. Shoot the button across the water to the north and pull the lever to lower down a ladder.

Climb up and drop down to the southwest. Break through the low walls for a Soul Orb.

Come back and climb up the ladder to the top of the building. Kill the archer and break the crate for Life Seed #39.

Drop down, go around the back of the building and smash into the pipe. Follow it around and when you come out you’ll spot 2 Soul Orbs back near the previous area.

Grab them and then head back to the intersection on the wooden walkway. Go southwest again but this time continue southwest and hit the next button.

Follow the path along to a large statue of the Frog King. Just to the south of it you’ll find Life Seed #40.

Climb up the ladder to the north and pull the lever to lower the gates by the statue. Just to the northwest on this platform you’ll find Life Seed #41┬áinside some crates.

Go back to the statue and hit the mace to reveal a new path. Continue south along the new path and pull the lever. This opens a gate just to the north.

Go through the gate and follow the only path around to the Reaper Door.

When you approach the Frog King will appear for a brief chat. Break through the low wall and defeat the enemies.

Storming the Fortress

For the next section you’ll need to take a number of side paths and then unlock shortcuts.

Climb the ladder and pull the lever to open the large entrance gates. Go inside, defeat the enemies and head around to the northeast for a small battle. Just to the northeast you’ll find Pot #38.

Break the wall to the south and pull the lever so you can climb up the ladder to the north.

Fight through the enemies and break the low wall in the center of this platform.

Continue to the north and drop down to the west. Take out more jumping enemies to lower the gates and continue to the west to hit a button. This opens a shortcut back.

Continue to the southwest, through the breakable walls and along the path until you come to a platform with some fire plants and Pot #39.

Go across the walkway to the southeast and up the ladder. Pull the lever to open a shortcut back and break the low wall.

Head northeast to the button and then across the bridges as you hit or shoot the buttons. You’ll get attacked by archers along the way but half way through you’ll find Pot #40.

Continue along the bridge to the northeast and take out the archers on the next platform.

Pull the lever to the north and climb up the ladder to Pot #41.

Drop down to the west and open the low wall to the north. On that platform you’ll find Life Seed #42.

Continue to the southwest and hit the buttons to extend the bridges. Make your way around to a lever that lowers down a ladder. Climb up and hit the button to open up a shortcut back.

Head to the north to a series of four square platforms for a battle and Pot #42.

Once you’ve killed all the enemies shoot the button to the north and head across the bridge to the entrance to the fortress.

The Frog King

Open the Reaper Door and go back to the Hall of Doors if you want any upgrades. Otherwise take the exit to the north for a boss fight.

This is a tough boss fight and you’ll need to move quickly. For the first phase the Frog King will hop around and smash with his mace. Once he stops hit him from behind to knock him off the platform.

You’ll need to knock him off three times to enter the second phase.

For the second phase the Frog King will either push down one end of the platform and try to suck you in or throw bombs from the side that destroy the tiles.

The trick is to do enough damage to the Frog King before you run out of tiles to stand on. You’ll need to keep hitting him or throwing fireballs at him even when he’s trying to suck you in.

If you do enough damage in time and avoid falling into the swamp the Frog King will be defeated.

After the short ceremony climb up the stairs to the north to find the Giant Arrowhead. Then head back to the Hall of Doors.

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