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From the Hall of Doors take the door above the Vault Manager leading to the Lost Cemetery.

Lost Cemetery

From the entrance go all the way to the east past the first boss and you’ll spot two signs. Light the brazier to open the gate to the southeast and cross the bridge. You can drop off the bridge for a Soul Orb if you want and then drop down through a gap in the fence.

Pull the lever on the other side of the bridge to lower the ladder, then head down the lift. Light the fire to call the gondola and ride it across to the Overgrown Ruins.

Overgrown Ruins

Run up the ramp on the other side of the gate and pull the lever to open the gate.

Head to the northeast for the Reaper Door, then continue along the only path to the southeast.

Hit the vine and it will fling you to the ledge above, then break the crates for Life Seed #16.

Now go northwest and down the ladder. Continue northwest until you spot the strange plant. Hit it and lure it to launch a bomb at the breakable wall by the Reaper Door.

This opens up a shortcut back to the Hall of Doors. The entrance to the Mushroom Dungeon is here but you won’t be able to access it until later.

Head around to the west and use the plant to blow up the breakable walls. On the western side you’ll find Pot #16.

Kill the enemies to lower down the Key and then head through the gate. A little west and under the root you’ll find a Soul Orb.

Head northeast and use the plant to break through the wall. On a raised ledge you’ll find Pot #17.

And behind the fire plants at the end of this path you’ll find Life Seed #17 to plant in it.

Shoot the plant on the western side while standing by the breakable wall. Go through and hit the vine to be lifted up to the ledge above.

Follow the vine path around and you’ll come to a sign telling you that the Forest Settlement is just ahead. Hit the vine to be let up and then drop off the edge just before the settlement.

The camera will pan around so you can walk forwards to Magic Shrine #3. Go back around to the Forest Settlement and talk to the creatures.

The Forest Mother will tell you she can open the gates to the dungeon if you can find the Horn.

Climb up the ladder behind the settlement and walk around to the left to find Life Seed #18 just above where you dropped off for the shrine.

South of the settlement you’ll find a Soul Orb. Use the nearby bomb plant to kill the other plants and then hit the vine to be lifted up to it.

Pull the lever just to the south to open up a shortcut back to the Reaper Door. Head southeast and you’ll find Life Seed #19 just on the ground.

Continue southeast and use the vine to get up. After a little battle use the next vine. You’ll spot Pot #18 on the right

After the battle the wall to the northwest will disappear. If you head south behind the wall the camera will spin around so you can climb up the ladder and grab the Soul Orb.

Go northwest and use the bomb plant to open up the shortcut back to the Reaper Door.

Continue north and you’ll find Life Seed #20 around the back of a stone head.

If you go to the southwest you can use the bomb plant to open up a shortcut back to the Forest Settlement.

From the stone head statue go down to the southeast. Use the vine to get up and make your way to the northeast. Blow up the low wall and climb up the ladder.

Go to the southeast first and use the bomb plant to blow up the breakable wall to the south. You’ll be able to drop down to grab Life Seed #21.

Head back to where you were and use the vine to get up to Pot #19.

Use the plant to bomb the low wall to the north and smash down into the pipe below.

Follow the pipe along and you’ll come to the entrance to a cave. Inside you’ll find Vitality Shrine #2.

Head out and continue to the northwest. After a little battle climb up the ladder in the corner. Head left and drop down the ladders. Use the lever to open a shortcut back and then plant a seed in Pot #20.

Climb up the ladder to the middle ledge and you’ll find the Horn a little to the northwest.

Go southwest and use the vine and bomb plant to break the wall above. Then you can run around for a Soul Orb.

Drop back down and return to the Forest Mother. Give her the Horn and she’ll open the entrance to the Mushroom Dungeon.

Go south down the long ladder and enter the dungeon. A few screens into the dungeon you’ll find the Reaper Door leading back to the Hall of Doors.

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