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If you’ve going for the True Ending once you’ve completed the main game you’ll need to help all 7 Lost Ghosts in the Lost Cemetery find their way back to the statues. If you hunt around for them you will find them all eventually and the statues are never too far away.

Lost Ghost #1

From the Reaper Door go northeast and you’ll immediately spot the first ghost. Bring him up the stairs to the north to find the statue.

Lost Ghost #2 and #3

Continue up the stairs to find the next ghost. Hit or lead him off the edge down the long ladder. You’ll spot Ghost #3 down below. Lead them to the statues on either side of the ladder.

Lost Ghost #4

Head east close to the summit and when you find the sign pointing north you’ll also spot the next ghost. Lead him down the short ladder to the statue just to the south.

Lost Ghost #5

From here go west to a small junction where the next ghost will be waiting for you. Lead it just a bit to the west to find the statue.

Lost Ghost #6

Head back to where you had the boss fight with the Guardian to the south eastern side of the area. A Ghost will be waiting here. Lead him a bit further east to the statue.

Lost Ghost #7

Go to the very western side of the cemetery where you’ll find the last ghost south of the lift. Lead it to the final statue south of the long ladder leading down. Just to the north of the ladder the large door will open. Go inside for a Stone Fragment.

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