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The Lost Cemetery is quite large and navigating through it can feel quite daunting at first. You’ll soon get used to where the various ladders, stairs and bridges lead.

From the Reaper Door enter the building to the south for a Soul Orb. These are not needed for 100% but will increase your soul energy so you can buy more upgrades from the Vault Manager.

Climb up the ladder on the side of the building and grab Life Seed #2.

Drop down and make your way down to the southeast. Follow the path around to the gate with 3 locks on it.

Each lock corresponds to an enemy. Kill the enemies to unlock the gate. You’ll need to do this for the next gate as well.

In the same yard, but to the northwest of the second gate you’ll see Pot #1. Plant a life seed and then consume it for health if you need.

Go to the round building with the green roof to the southeast and go around the back. The camera will spin around showing you an entrance.

Go inside for the Undying Blossom, the first of the Shiny Things. Take out the enemies in the yard to lower the key, grab it and hit the button to lower the ladder and open the gate above.

Climb up and grab the Soul Orb under the bridge.

The gate up the top of the stairs is closed. You’ll need to go the long way around. Head northwest and open the gate using the key.

Climb up the ladder and get ready for a little battle as enemies spawn in through the doorways. You’ll also spot Pot #2 on the south side.

Climb up the ladder and then up the two sets stairs to the north. You’ll find Steadhone blocking the path. He asks you to attack him in various ways. Follow the instructions to perform the attacks and he’ll eventually move out of the way so you can get past.

Climb up the ladder behind Steadhone and head northwest and then west. You’ll spot a Soul Orb on a ledge. Get to it by going into the cave behind the round building.

Go through the cave and you’ll emerge on the ledge with the Soul Orb. Go back and enter the round building for a clue to the shiny thing that we picked up earlier.

The path to the Stranded Sailor is blocked for now so head to the southeast first for Life Seed #3.

Go back to the intersection and travel southwest. Follow the long bridge to the south and pull the lever to open the shortcut back to the Hall of Doors. Go back if you want an upgrade otherwise follow the bridge to the southwest.

Take the lift down and walk behind the building. The camera will pan around showing you some ladders leading down.

Enter the cave at the bottom and pray at Vitality Shrine #1 for a vitality shard. Find four of them to increase your health.

Go back to the lift and continue southeast. Go down the first short ladder and then west for Life Seed #4.

Go back and drop down the second short ladder. Head east, up another ladder and you’ll find Pot #3.

Head northeast for another small battle with enemies that teleport in through the doors. Once they’ve been defeated head up the ladder to the northeast.

Follow the bridge around and pull the lever to open up the gates leading back to the Reaper door and on towards the boss, the Guardian of the Door.

The Guardian of the Door will smash down with one claw and spin around. Dodge out of the way and then dodge forwards to get in a few strikes before dodging out of the way again.

The Guardian also has a laser attack. Keep moving to avoid getting fried. Towards the end of the battle it will shoot missiles from above as well. Keep dodging and striking until the Guardian has been defeated.

Continue through the arena and follow the signs northwest to the Summit.

Go up the lift and first go west to pull the lever and open the shortcut. Then go north towards the Summit. As you get closer you’ll spot Pot #4.

Go up the stairs and then to the northeast to find Death’s Door and the Grey Crow. The Grey Crow will tell you of three giant souls that you need to collect and their general location. Talk to him again and he’ll tell you to head north to the Witch.

Go back and grab the Key which has now lowered to the ground. Drop down the ladder and pick up the Incense from the roof of the Mausoleum.

Climb up the ladder and use the key to open the gate to the north. Pull the ladder to open up the shortcut back to the Reaper door and then go north into the mansion.

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