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Hall of Doors


The first weapon is easy to find. Head northwest from the main working area of the Hall of Doors and you’ll find the Umbrella leaning against a lamp post.

Estate of the Urn Witch

Rogue Daggers

The Rogue Daggers can be found in the Estate of the Urn Witch just next to the entrance to the Ceramic Manor. They’re behind a locked gate so you’ll need to make your way around to the east first and come back around to the gate.

Mushroom Dungeon

Thunder Hammer

Follow the walkthrough for the Mushroom Dungeon until you find the lever in the Overgrown Ruins that opens the other entrance to the Dungeon.

Go through the gate, head through the next two rooms and break the crates around the hole so you can drop down. You’ll land on the platform with the Thunder Hammer.

The Stranded Sailor

Reaper’s Greatsword

At the western docks of The Stranded Sailor you’ll find the Reaper’s Greatsword behind a locked gate. A plaque next to it gives you the first clue. Head back to the long stairs and break the wall underneath it.

Go inside, hit the button and read the second clue. The next button is behind the twin columns. Go up the stairs and take the path to the west. Break the wall between the pillars.

Hit the second button and read the third clue. This time you need to find the giant head. Go back east and up the stairs to the north. Break the wall across from the giant head.

Go inside to hit the third button and read the final clue. This time the secret is under a gargoyle. Go back down the stairs and up the stairs to the east. Around the back of the building the camera will pan around. Destroy the wall under the gargoyle.

Go inside to hit the button and return to the western docks. Pull the lever to open the gate and head through to grab the Reaper’s Greatsword.

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