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When you enter head down the stairs to the large room with the graves. From here there are exits to the southwest and northeast. Take the exit to the southwest for the Soul Orb.

Take the exit further up to the northeast and pull the lever to open one of the fires by the gate. You’ll need to pull the other lever on the ledge so that means going all the way back around to the first room with the graves and taking the exit to the northeast.

Take the next exit further up to the north and pull the second lever to open the gate.

Head through the gate and take the elevator down. Take the exit out to the north. This is another fairly large area with lots to explore.

First go south for Life Seed #5.

The head northwest until you reach the gate. Look at the statue and follow the instructions. Use the bow to shoot an arrow through the fire and light the brazier.

Once the brazier is lit the gate will open. Do the same thing in the next yard. This time light the fire and then the brazier to open the gate.

Go through the gate and then south under the bridge where the patch of grass has worn away. On the other side you’ll find a Soul Orb.

Head to the northeast up the stairs to find the Reaper Door and Pot #5.

Continue along the path until you meet Pothead at the first intersection. From the intersection go northeast to the locked gate. Then a little west to find a secret path through the bushes. On the other side you’ll find Life Seed #6.

Go back to the intersection and head northwest. Go through the bushes to the south, down the ladder then up a ladder for the Soul Orb.

Then go back and light the 3 fires and the brazier to unlock the gate to the northwest. As you light the fires you’ll be attacked by some enemies.

Go through the gate and continue lighting the fires and brazier to open the next gate along. Climb up the ladder and you’ll spot Pot #6 by a statue.

From here take the ladder down to the southeast. Smash the jars to blow up the walls and bring the fire through.

Light the brazier to open the next gate and head up the stairs to the T-junction. Go northwest first for Life Seed #7.

Then go to the southeast and follow the path around to a lever. Pull it to open the gate to the central locked gate and light one of the fires. Pothead will not be waiting here for you.

Go back to the first intersection and this time head to the southeast.

Break the wall on the south side using the jar and do it again a little further down.

Just to the north through the broken wall is Pot #7. You should have one Life Seed to plant.

Go up to the statue and kill the enemies to unlock the gate. On the other side you can blow up the purple jars to open up the shortcuts.

Take out all the enemies to unlock the next gate to the northeast and head through. Clear out the enemies as you make your way up to the northwest.

Pull the lever to open the gate back to Pothead and the second fire will light, opening the gate leading further northeast.

Pothead will tell you about his curse by the Old Witch. When he’s finished telling his tale break the jars to blow up the walls over the bridge.

On the other side you’ll find Pot #8 but you don’t have a seed for it yet.

Head up the stairs and drop down through the gap in the fencing. Walk behind the building and the camera will pan around showing a Soul Orb.

Pull the lever to lower the ladder so you can get back up. Head back to the path and then make your way through the gardens to the northwest. In the corner by a bench you’ll find Life Seed #8.

You can run back to Pot #8 later. For now head to the northeast until you find the lever to open the gate by the mansion entrance. Pothead will be waiting for you and will open the door but don’t go inside yet.

Instead go northwest and take the secret path through the bushes.

Go north to the Magic Shrine behind the mansion and pray at it for a Shard of a Magic Crystal. Head back to the entrance to the mansion. The gate on the other side is still locked and there’s a weapon behind it, the Rogue Daggers.

Go back down the central path to Pot #8 so you can plant the seed, then go southeast. Enter the arena for a battle with a large Knight.

The knight slams down with his mace one to three times and the timing can be a little hard to predict. Try to roll behind him during each attack so you can get in a few hits afterwards.

Once the knight has been defeated the gate to The Garden of Life will open. To the south you’ll find a Soul Orb and shortcut back.

Go back to the statue and then southeast to find Pot #9. You won’t have a seed for this one so you’ll need to come back for it later.

Head south and the gate will close behind you. Take out the bat that spawn in and go to the southeast for another small battle. Once the enemies are defeated go northeast to do a little loop around. Open the shortcut back to the west and climb up the ladder by the pot.

Head along the bridge to the southwest and clear out the enemies when the gate closes in front of you. Take them out, go through the gate and grab the Rogue Daggers.

Pull the lever to open the gate back to the mansion and head into the Ceramic Manor.

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