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Redding is a mining town that ships gold to New Reno, Vault City and the New California Republic in exchange for supplies and jet. There are two major mining companies, a local sherriff, doctor and casino. Redding consists of the Downtown area, the Mining Camp, Great Wanamingo Mine and various underground tunnels.

While you can visit Redding fairly early it’s best to wait until you’ve explored New Reno and NCR to gain some experience. You’ll need to be at least level 10 before the sheriff will trust you with any jobs. The Great Wanamingo Mine is also a tough area to clear out.

1) Evict the Widow

This is the first job the sheriff, Earl Marion, will ask you to do. He’ll only give you a job if you’re at least level 10. It also helps to have completed the Free the Slaves quest from NCR for the Rangers.

The widow lives in a small shack to the southwest of the sheriff’s office. She only owes $120 in rent. You can either pay it for her or kick her out. Once you’ve decided return to the sheriff for your reward and the next quest.

2) Break up the Bar Brawl

After you’ve either helped or evicted the widow the sheriff will give you a second job to break up a bar brawl. Enter the Malamute Saloon and talk to the two ladies arguing. They won’t stop until you threaten to be violent. Take one or both of them off to jail and return to the sheriff for your reward.

3) Find out who Cut the Whore

This is the third job you’ll get from the sheriff. Head to the Malamute Saloon and speak with Lou about the incident. Next go to the Morningstar Mine and confront Obidiah Hakeswill. He’ll confess right away. Take him into custody for a reward of $500 and 1250 XP.

4) Kill Frog Morton

The fourth and final job given by Sheriff Marion is to take out Frog Morton and his gang. They can be found hiding in the Wanamingo Mine. Kill them and return to the Sheriff for 3000 XP and $1000.

5) Find the Excavator Chip

Both Dan McGrew of the Morningstar Mine and Marge LeBarge of the Koko Mine want the same thing, an Excavator Chip thought to be lost down in the Great Wanamingo Mine. They each offer the same reward of $1000 so it’s up to you who you want to sell it to.

To find the chip you’ll need to venture down to the third level of the mine where you’ll find Tough Wanamingos. They have 160 HP each so you’ll need to be a fairly high level to deal with them. There are actually two Excavator Chips on the third level. One on the ground and one in the excavator. Grab one and take it back to either Dan McGrew or Marge LeBarge to complete the quest.

6) Clear Wanamingo Mine

This quest is given by Mayor Ascorti. Talk to him to find out about the Great Wanamingo Mine. It’s for sale and you can buy the Deed for $1000. There’s one catch, it’s filled with Wanamingos. Clear out the mine, killing all Wanamingos on all levels of the mine. You’ll get 3500 XP for clearing out the mine. When you return to Ascorti he offers to purchsae the Deed back from you for $2500.

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