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Vault City is a high-tech area of the wasteland and the only area that seems to have access to a working GECK. The citizens have developed an elitist attitude to outsiders and only citizens of Vault City have access to certain areas. The outskirts of the city are rather destitute but the walled inner-city is flourishing.

To get a Day Pass you can either go to the customs office at night and steal one from the locker, take off your armor and show Wallace your jumpsuit or purchase one from the black market.

1) Find Mr. Nixon

A Young boy, Curtis, in the Vault City Courtyard will mention that he’s lost Mr. Nixon. Search around the back of Cassidy’s Bar to find the Mr. Nixon Doll. Bring the doll back to the boy to complete the quest. He’ll mention something about a nearby pile of rocks. Search the pile of rocks to find a Wrench.

2) Get a plow for Mr. Smith

Also in the courtyard is a man named Mr. Smith. He needs a new plow for his family farm. Happy Harry has one for sale but you’ll need $800 to purchase it. You can barter him down to $600 if you have the skill. Bring the plow back to Mr. Smith and he’ll be so grateful he’ll let you have his Desert Eagle .44 as a reward.

3) Deliver Moore’s briefcase to Mr. Bishop in New Reno

When you reach the council area you’ll run into a citizen preaching about his ideals. You’ll need to be a citizen before you can pick up this quest. If you speak with him and agree with him about everything he’ll ask you to deliver a briefcase to John Bishop in New Reno. He can be found on the second floor of the Shark Club in New Reno. If you haven’t opened the package or asked for payment he’ll give you the quest to assassinate Westin, which can be found in the New Reno walkthrough.

4) Deliver a sample of jet to Dr. Troy

Once you have access to Vault 8 speak with Dr. Troy in the vaults medical center. He’ll ask you to smuggle some Jet into the city. You can easily do this by placing it on one of your companions as you enter the checkpoint where you’ll be searched. He won’t speak to you about it unless you’re a vault citizen and have Doctor skill of 75% or above.

There are a few options for completing this quest. You can either take a cash reward of $1000, more if you have a high Barter skill. Come back in 3 months for two vials of the Antidote. You can blackmail Dr. Troy for up to $500 each month but if you go to him for medical help you’ll be killed. You can also speed up the process by speaking to Myron at the stables. He’ll give you some tips about jet production. This also nets you extra XP.

5) Solve the Gecko powerplant problem

The power plant in the nearby town of Gecko is leaking radiation. The Vault City residents are likely to put an end to the town of Gekco if the problem isn’t fixed soon. You have the choice to either ignore the problem, in which case Vault City will rise up and wipe out the residents of Gecko, repair and then fine tune the power plant or blow up the reactor.

Speak with Lynette in the Council Building to find out about the powerplant. Head over to Gecko and speak with the engineer Festus. He tells you the reactor needs the hydroelectric magnetosphere regulator replaced. They don’t have the part but surely Vault City will have one to spare.

Back in Vault City Lynette wants nothing to do with it. McClure, also in the Council Building, is more sympathetic and gives you permission to get the part from the Amenities Office. Take the part and give it to Festus in Gecko. He’ll install the part and all will be well. You can also install it yourself if you have the necessary skill. This leads on to another quest in Gecko to Optimize the Powerplant.

6) Rescue Amanda’s husband, Joshua

Amanda can be found on the eastern side of the Vault City Courtyard. Her husband, Joshua, has been taken prisoner and is being held in the Servant Allocation Center. Make your way over there and speak with Barkus. Either convince him that Joshua has contracted some rare disease, give him a bribe of up to $1000, tell him that Joshua is troublesome and should be kicked or or take him by force. However you do it you’ll receive 500 XP for your trouble. Going back to speak to Amanda will net you an extra $32.

7) Deliver Lynette’s holodisk to Westin in NCR

This quest can’t be completed until you’ve dealt with the Raider Settlement first. An optional area that you’ll come across later. You’ll also need Mr. Bishop’s notebook of payments from the Raider camp and Bishop’s Holodisk, which can be found in his bedroom safe in New Reno. The safe needs to be disarmed and then lock picked before you can open it.

Give Lynette the evidence. She’ll ask you to take the holodisk to Roger Westin in NCR. Once this mission is completed you’ll receive 2000 XP.

8) Deliver beer and booze to Lydia

Lydia is the owner of the Tap House just inside the Inner City main gate. Demand for booze is high and she needs your help to get more supplies. Bring her 10 bottles of Beer and 10 of Booze. If you have your citizenship you can simply carry the bottles through the main gate. If not you can give all the booze to one of your companions. They won’t be searched. Lydia will give you $100 as a reward.

9) Deliver pliers and a wrench to Valerie

Valerie can be found in the maintenance building west of the Amenities Office. If you ask her what’s wrong she’ll tell you that she needs a pair of pliers and a wrench.

Pliers are fairly common and can even be bought from one of the shops in Vault City. Finding a Wrench is more difficult but there’s a couple in Vault City. Curtis will give you a clue to finding one when you give him his Mr. Nixon Doll. The other one is in Vault 8 in the storage room in a locked footlocker.

Once you have the items take them to Valerie. She tells you to come back tomorrow for a reward. When you return she has a surplus of Super Tool Kits and gives you one of the spares.

10) Scout the eight sectors around Gecko

Stark in the Vault City Corrections Center wants you to scout out the area around Gecko. Leave the town and use the world map to move around all 8 of the squares around Gecko. Return to Stark for your reward of $300 and 350 XP. He’ll also give you the next quest to enter NCR.

11) Enter NCR and return to Stark

Starks wants you to scout out a path to NCR and places the town on your map if you don’t have it already. All you need to do is journey all the way south to NCR, enter the town and return to Vault City. Upon completion of the mission Stark will give you $500 and a Motion Sensor.

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