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On the way to Vault City you’ll spot the small farming town of Modoc. Stop in if you want to pick up some extra quests and experience. Modoc is inhabited by an odd group of hillbillies and mostly herd their own brahmin. The town is composed of the Main Street, Rose’s Bed and Breakfast and the Modoc Caves.

1) Farrel’s rodent problem

Farrel can be found in his house in the northern section of the town. When you ask him what he does he’ll tell you about the rodents infesting his garden. If you accept the quest to help him out you’ll be transported over to his garden. Take out the 6 Mole Rats and the 6 Giant Rats. There’s also a Rope near the wheelbarrow which you can take. Once the area is clear head to the west and return to Farrel.

2) Cornelius has lost his gold pocket watch

Cornelius has lost his precious watch and thinks Farrel might have taken it. Farrel claims he doesn’t have it and also asks you to find it so he can give it back to Cornelius. If you try to break into Farrel’s safe all the townsfolk of Modoc will turn hostile. The watch isn’t in the safe anyway.

Go to the outhouse and use a Rope to enter the cave underneath. A passage is blocked to the north. Place Dynamite or Plastic Explosives near to the block and quickly leave the toilet. The cave is filled with methane so stand far away to avoid taking damage by the explosion. Head back into the cave, kill the Mole Rat and pick up the Gold Watch.

Take the watch back to Farrel or Cornelius. Either way you’ll receive 1500 XP and +10 Karma.

3) Farrel wants you to find Cornelius’ watch

This quest is the same as #2 but it’s given by Farrel. You can return the watch to either Farrel or Cornelius.

4) Guard brahmin herd for Grisham

Grisham can be found in his slaughterhouse. When you talk to him he asks you if you want a job. This quest is tough so only accept during the day time and preferably if you have high level ranged attacks.

When you accept the job you’ll be taken to his Brahmin Pasture. Wild Dogs will attack from the north and there are 10 of them in total. Try to get between the brahmin and the dogs and snipe the dogs before they take down the brahmin. If you leave before all the wild dogs are killed it will be assumed that all the brahmin were killed.

When the job is finished, assuming you saved some of the brahmin, return to Grisham for your reward. You’ll get $1000 minus $100 for each brahmin killed. Each dog you kill gives 60 XP. If all the brahmin were killed Grisham will demand payment of $1500.

5) Jonny is missing. Find him and bring him home to Balthas

Balthas is the town leatherworker and his son has gone missing. You’ll only notice this if you have both Perception and Intelligence of 6+. If you accept the quest to find his son Balthas will give you his dog Laddie to help find Jonny.

Laddie points to the town well so remove the boards from the well and let down a rope. In the cave underneath you’ll find some coins. You can pick them up but you’ll lose Karma for each coin you take. You’ll also find a BB Gun with the name “Jonny” scratched into it. You may think that Jonny is dead and that this ends the quest but Laddie is still following you. There’ll be more clues to finding Jonny in the next quest.

6) Something strange is happening at the farm

Speak with Jo at the General Store and ask about the GECK. He agrees to give you information if you can investigate the Ghost Farm to the northeast of Modoc. Leave Modoc and head to the Ghost Farm.

When you enter the farm you’ll notice bodies impaled on stakes. If you have high perception you’ll notice that they’re really dummies and the blood is brahmin blood. Enter the only building here, a small tool shed. As you move to the center of the shed you’ll fall down a hole in the floor underneath the rug to the caverns below.

After falling down you’ll be taken to Vegeir, the leader of this group who live beneath the farm. They call themselves Slags. They have plenty of food but not enough medical equipment and wish to trade with Modoc. Vegeir asks you to bring a trade proposal to Modoc. While you’re in the caves continue to the next quest.

7) Jonny’s in the Slag caves. Find a way to get Jonny back home to Balthas

Jonny is in the underground cistern. Don’t try to temp him with candy, instead tell him that his father wants him to come home. He tells you to speak with the Slag leader Vegeir.

Speak with Vegeir and ask to take Jonny home. He won’t let you take the boy until the Ghost Farm/Modoc situation is resolved. Complete quest #8 and then return here to take Jonny back to Modoc for your reward of 2500 XP and a Combat Leather Jacket.

8) Deliver Slag message to Jo in Modoc

Return to Jo at the general store in Modoc and delver the Slag’s message. Jo is suscpicious of the Slags and asks you to find out about the dead bodies at the Ghost Farm and to investigate what happened to Karl. Proceed to quest #9.

9) Jo is suspicious of the Slags

Jo wants you to prove that the Slags aren’t dangerous. You have a deadline of 31 days for this quest. If you fail the Modoc townsfolk will march on the Ghost Farm and wipe them out.

Head over to the Ghost Farm and speak to Vegeir. He’ll tell you that the bodies are fake and are only there to scare away strangers. He also says that Karl was seen heading off to the West. If you’ve already met Karl you’ll know that he’s in The Den. If you haven’t found him he’s drunk in Mom’s Diner.

With all the information you need return to Jo to complete the quest and get some XP.

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