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The Enclave are stationed on a deep sea oil rig. You can get there by fixing the PMV Valdez Tanker docked at San Francisco. Speak with the Captain for details about how to get it running.

This is the last area of the game and once you’ve made it this far there’s no turning back. You’ll be dropped off at the entrance to the Enclave. You’ll need to make it a few levels down to find the Presidential Access Key and shut off the reactor. Once that’s done you’ll head back up for a final confrontation with the Enclave leader, Frank Horrigan.

Walk into the entrance hall and leave any companions here. To go any further you must be wearing Power Armor or the Turrets will automatically fire at you. They’re equipped with Heavy Dual Miniguns that will tear you to shreds. You’ll notice a Terminal here. If you use it now you’ll discover that you need a Presidential Access Key to activate any of the commands.

Oil Rig Layout

From the Entrance Hall to can head down the hall to the right to the Barracks. The room to the south of the Entrance Hall has stairs leading down to the Detention and Research Center and a lift leading down to the Reactor.

The stairs to the south of the Detention and Research Center lead down to the Oil Rig Access Corridor. Once you make it past the Trap Room you can take the stairs down to the Presidential Level.

The Trap Room

The trap room is divided into nine sections, each with a terminal. Using a terminal will open one or more of the other doors. You need to open up enough doors so you can make it to the southern side. There’s storage rooms to the east and west that you can stop by if you want extra equipment. Every few seconds that you stay in the trap room you’ll take damage from the electric floor.

If the rooms are numbered from the top left:

1 – 2 – 3
4 – 5 – 6
7 – 8 – 9

The fastest way through the puzzle is to access the terminals in this order: 2, 3, 1, 7. This gives you access to the left storage room. Continue with 8,9 to access the right storage room. From here you can finish off with 6, 2, 3, 3, 9 to open up all doors and give you access to the entire maze. Proceed down the stairs to the south.

Presidential Quarters

The Presidential Quarters house the office of the President, Dick Richardson, as well as the laboratory of Dr. Charles Curling. Both of them will tell you about the Enclave’s evil plan to eliminate all humans living in the U.S. with a biological weapon.

If you speak with Dr. Charles Curling, his laboratory is in the north-west corner, you can convince him to change his mind and release the FEV into the Enclave base instead. He’ll give you the antidote and release the antidote into the cells of the Arroyo tribe. Wait for 10 minutes and all civilians and scientists in the base will explode.

Dick Richardson has the Presidential Access Key that you’ll need for the final battle. The safest way to get the key is to inject him with at least 8 Super Stimpaks and wait 10 minutes. He should die of a heart attack and you can simply search the body for the key. The guards shouldn’t be alerted. You can also plant a live explosive on him and wait for it to go off. Planting an explosive on him also shouldn’t alert the guards. You can just kill him but then you’ll need to fight your way out. Either way, once you have the key go down the stairs to the northwest of the Presidents office. This leads to the Reactor.

Blowing up the Reactor

There are two ways to blow up the reactor. You can either plant explosives in front of the terminals by the large mainframe computer. This is your only option if you’ve released FEV into the air and killed the scientists. If the scientists are still alive and you have high Speech and Charisma you can threaten one of them, Tom Murray, to shut down the reactor.

Once the reactor has been compromised you’ll have 10 minutes to get off the oil rig. Take the stairs back up to the Presidential Quarters. From there the usual path up is blocked. Emergency stairs are now available on the southern edge. It takes you up to the Barracks.

The Final Battle

From the Barracks go west to the Entrance Hall. Along the way you’ll run into Sgt. Granite and a few Enclave soldiers. When you talk to the them you’ll find out Frank Horrigan, an unstoppable killing machine. Convince them that helping you is the only way they’ll survive.

When you enter the Entrance Hall avoid talking to Horrigan. Instead make your way around the edge of the room and use the computer terminal. Now that you have the Presidential Access Key you can activate the “counter-insurgency protocol”. This will turn the turrets on Frank Horrigan. With all the extra firepower you’ll have a fighting chance.

Once Frank Horrigan falls you can talk to him one last time of finish him off. Leave the way you came and get back on the ship before the oil rig explodes.

Congratulations on completing Fallout 2. Sit back and enjoy the cut-scenes to see how your decisions have affected the Fallout 2 world.