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The Den is a fairly large town south east of Arroyo. It contains four separate districts, a few gangs, bars and even a diner. Some of the quests require you to have items that you can only find in other towns so you might have to come back here a few times. Most of the quests here are optional but getting the Highwayman car from Smitty will make travelling from town to town much faster.

1) Collect money from Fred

Find Rebecca at the casino and ask her for work. She’ll tell you that Fred owes her a debt of $200. Fred is a little hard to find but sometimes he’s in the casino and sometimes he’ll be near Flick’s on the west side of the Den. When you find him you can demand all of the money, allow him to keep a little or tell him you’ll pay the debt yourself.

Head back to Rebecca and give her the money. She’ll share half of it with you. If you let Fred keep some or all of the money come back and see him in 3 to 6 months. He won big at the casino and will share some of it with you, up to $2,000.

2) Get book from Derek

Once you’ve collected the money from Fred Rebecca will have another job for you. This time to retrieve a book from Derek on the East Side of the Den. You can find Derek just outside of Mom’s Diner but he doesn’t know where the book is. It randomly spawns somewhere on the East Side, either outside the outhouse, in the graveyard, near a barrel south of the graveyard or in a cluster of trees behind the car in Metzger’s Slaver’s Guild.

3) Lara wants to know what is being guarded in the church

Lara is the leader of a small gang on the West Side of the Den. She wants you to talk to the guards and find out what they’re guarding inside the church. Speak with one of the guards called Tyler and bluff or intimidate your way into the church. You’ll need Strength 8 or to pass a Speech check to be let inside. If you fail the Speech check you can try again to initidate after about an hour. Head back to Lara for the next quest.

4) Get permission from Metzger for gang war

Once this quest is unlocked by finding out what’s in the church speak to Metzger to complete the quest. Return to Lara to continue with the next quest.

5) Find weakness in Tyler’s gang guarding the church

Speak with Tyler again and if you have Charisma 4 or above he’ll tell you that they’re throwing a party. Return to Lara and let her know.

6) Help Lara attack Tyler’s gang

Lara won’t pay you for your help unless you join her gang in the attack. Outside the church you’ll face 5 guards, one with a sledgehammer and the others with 10mm pistols. Once you enter the church there’ll be another 4 guards. Make sure you don’t accidentally hit any of Lara’s gang or they’ll turn hostile.

The other alternative is after talking to Lara run back to Tyler and tell him about the attack. He suggests you continue with the plan but turn on Lara’s gang when they attack. This nets the same rewards but you’ll lose 30 Karma.

7) Deliver a meal to Smitty for Mom

Mom is the owner of Mom’s Diner on the East Side. She asks you to deliver a meal to Smitty. If you agree head to Smitty in the Junkyard on the West Side. Give him the meal and in return he’ll give you a Stimpak. Head back to Mom’s for a free meal.

8) Free Vic from his debt

Vic is being held in the Slaver’s Guild. Speak with Metzger about Vic and he tells you that Vic is fixing a radio. Hopefully you’ve already taken Vic’s Radio from his workshop in Klamath. If not, go back there and grab it. Once you have the Radio and given it to Vic Metzger will still demand $1,000 to release Vic. Once Vic is released ask him about the Water Flask and he’ll point out Vault City on your map. He’ll also join your party if you ask him.

9) Sabotage Becky’s still

Speak with Frankie in The Hole bar and he’ll ask you to break it for him. Make your way to Becky’s bar and wait for the guard near the door to move away. Speak with the Craps dealer and ask him to unlock the door. Walk down the stairs and use a Crowbar to smash the still. Sneak back upstairs and go back to Frankie for your reward. Becky will not speak to you after this. You can also persuade Frankie to buy his stock from Becky if you pass a Speech check.

10) Get car part for Smitty

Smitty needs a Fuel Cell Controller to get the Highwayman car working. You can find a Fuel Cell Regulator in the car in Trapper Town however after speaking with Skeeter in Gecko you’ll realize this isn’t enough. Skeeter offers to give you a Fuel Cell Controller in exchange for a Super Tool Kit which can be found by giving Valerie in the Maintenance Center in Vault City some Pliers and a Wrench. She’ll give you the Super Tool Kit in exchange. Take the Super Tool Kit to Skeeter who gives you the Fuel Cell Controller and then take this back to Smitty who will install it in the car.

11) Return Anna’s locket

Speak with The Great Ananias in the southern side of the West Side of the Den. He’ll tell you a strange story about a princess and a magic amulet that haunts this place. Stay there until midnight and speak to the ghost, Anna Winslow in the next room. Ask her what’s wrong and she’ll mention a stolen Locket.

Go to Mom’s Diner and ask about the haunted house. She tells you about a Joseph or Joel who was living there and suddenly left. There are 3 Thugs on the exit to the East Side, one of them is Joel. You can either steal the Locket, barter for it, persuade, buy it or kill him for it. Either way return to Anna and give her the Locket. She asks you to bury her bones. Take them to the graveyard and locate her gravestone by reading the headstones. Use a Shovel to dig up the grave, place in the bones and fill it back in. This will complete the quest.

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