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Klamath is divided into four districts, Downtown, Trapper Town, Canyon, Trapping Grounds and a cave system, the Rat Caves. The Toxic Caves are located just to the north-west of Klamath and are also included in this section.

You’ll find your first Companion in Klamath called Sulik. He’s a tough melee fighter with a Sledgehammer that knocks down opponents in combat. If you want him to join your party you’ll need to pay off his debt of $350. While you’re here make sure you speak with John Sullivan in the Golden Gecko as he’ll offer to give you training in Unarmed and Melee Weapons.

1) Guard the Brahmin

This quest is given by Torr Buckner outside of Buckner’s House. He tells you that his Brahmin are being killed and asks you to help out. If you agree you’ll be sent to the Grazing Grounds. To finish the quest kill all of the Radscorpions. The Dunton Brothers are standing off to the west. They ask you to Rustle the Brahmin for them which begins the next quest. You can agree, turn them away with a Speech check of insult them which begins combat with them.

2) Rustle the Brahmin

If you don’t have a very good reputation in Klamath and haven’t completed the Guard the Brahmin quest you can speak with the Dunton Brothers, either in the Grazing Fields or at their house in Klamath. They want you to get rid of Torr but if you mix up their names you’ll loes the job. Speak with Torr to convince him to leave to complete the quest. You’ll be given $50 from the Brothers but lose 70 Karma.

3) Rescue Torr

This quest is only available if you take the “evil” option for the Guard the Brahmin quest and convince Torr to leave. Speak with Adrin at Buckner’s House and she’ll tell you Torr is missing. Take the northwest exit to the Canyon and destroy the damaged robot, Mister Handy. Speak with Torr and return to Adrin for your reward. You can take $100 or free Sulik who will join your party if you ask him.

4) Refuel the Still

Speak with Whiskey Bob at Buckner’s House and buy him a drink. You need to have a neutral or good reputation in Klamath to speak to him. He tells you that his still to the south of town needs to be refilled. You have one day to complete this quest before whiskey goes off.

Take the exit to the south of town. There are Silver and Golden Geckos in this area and they’ll be too much for you if you’re still at a low level. It’s best to have Sulik with you but you can sneak between their patrols and enter the hut unseen. Pick up the piles of Wood and use them on the still to refill it. Return to Whiskey Bob for your reward of $50 and +15 Karma.

5) Kill the Rat God

Trapper Town at the west end of Klamath is having rat problems. Speak with Slim Pocket and he’ll tell you about them. You’ll need a key to get into that area. You can either convince him to give it to you, steal it from him, lockpick the door or sleep with him if you’re female. The dog in Klamath’s town center also has a key and he’ll drop it if you give him a piece of Meat Jerky.

Use the Key to enter the Warrens and go down the manhole. Fight your way to the second level of the caves until you meet Keeng Ra’at who can talk. He has a lot of health so you’ll need to prepare for this fight. Once he’s been killed the quest will be complete.

Near the body of a trapper on the floor in the Keeng Ra’ats chamber you can find a 10mm Pistol. There’s also a Combat Knife and other loot hidden about the caves.

6) Rescue Smiley the Trapper

Speak with Adrin at the Buckner House to find out about her missing fiancée, Smiley. She’ll mark the location of the Toxic caves on the map where he was headed. You’ll need Rubber Boots when visiting the caves because the slime is toxic to walk on.

Make your way over to the caves and equip the Rubber Boots on yourself and any companions that you want to bring with you. You can also find some boots on the first level of the caves. There are a few Golden Geckos on each level so you’ll should level your character up a few times before attempting this rescue. There’s a military storehouse down on the third level that can only be accessed later in the game.

Smiley can be found on the second level hiding in a generator room. Speak with him and bring him back to the entrance to complete this quest. If you leave it too late Smiley will be dead. Return to Klamath for your reward.

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