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The Mariposa Military Base is to the east of San Francisco. The entrance is blocked with rubble so you’ll need to blast your way in. The base has four levels. The middle two are filled with Super Mutants so expect a tough battle. There aren’t any quests to complete, just loot, XP and a few Holodisks explaining a little more of the story.


Wolves roam the entrance area but they’re not difficult to kill if they attack. Search the tents for a few interestsing items including the Military Base Holodisk 5 and a Survey Map to San Francisco. To get into the base pick up the Metal Pole on the ground just south of the cart. Use the Metal Pole on the cart and then use Dynamite on the cart. You’ll push it into the rubble and it will explode.

Level 1

This level is infested with Mutated Rats. There’s one Super Mutant with Spiked Knuckles who’ll attack if you approach him. To the southwest is a broken power generator. If you’re repair skill is high enough you can repair it to get the elevator and the lights working.

Level 2

There’s a large group of Super Mutants on this level and your companions may not survive this fight. The mutants are armed with Flamers, Power Fists and Laser Rifles. Search the lockers for a suit of T-51b Power Armor, Stimpaks and Cash.

Level 3

There’s more Super Mutants on this level and some of them have more HP than usual.They’re armed with Flamers, Plasma Rifles and Laser Rifles. Check the lockers for a Green Memory Module. It can be used on the Brotherhood of Steel’s medical computer to increase your Perception by 1. To reach the last level you’ll need to fight your way through the Super Mutants and enter the elevator in the southeast corner.

Level 4

In the north western corner of this base you’ll meet Melchior, one of the toughest mutants around. He has a magical ability that lets him summon creatures from the surrounding goo. He can summon Deathclaws, Fire Geckos, Floaters and Mole Rats, but can only have four allies at one time.

Try to focus all your firepower on Melchior before he summons too many enemies. Melchior is guarding a locker with a PPK12 Gauss Pistol. It’s one of the best small guns in the game.

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