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Vault 13 was the home of the Vault Dweller in the first Fallout game. It was later abandoned and then occupied by intelligent Deathclaws. Don’t panic when you open the vault door and come face to face with a Deathclaw! They’re quite happy to chat with you. There are three quests here, including finding the device you’ve been searching for the entire game, the G.E.C.K.

1) Retrieve the GECK for Arroyo

Finally your search has come to an end. Speak with Gruthar and either agree to help the deathclaws or kill him and his companions. If you agree to help them Gruthar will give you permission to wander around the vault. Go to the storage room on Level 3 and take the G.E.C.K from the locker on the left.

You can also complete the quest below to fix the computer and come back to Gruthar who will give you the G.E.C.K. However you do it you’ll be rewarded with 4000 XP.

2) Fix the Vault 13 Computer

If you decide to help Gruthar he’ll tell you that the main computer is no longer accepting voice commands. You’ll need a Vault-Tec Voice Recognition Module to fix the computer. You can find one in the storage or Vault 8 in Vault City or buy one from Eldridge for $3000 in New Reno.

Make your way down to Level 3 and use the terminal in the Overseer’s room. Install the module and return to Gruthar to complete the quest.

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