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You begin outside the Temple and you’re not allowed to leave until you complete the trials. Once you enter the temple you won’t be allowed to rest but you can use your First Aid/Doctor skill or find Healing Powder along the way to regenerate some of your lost HP.

The temple is filled with Ants and Scorpions. The Ants aren’t too difficult but the Scorpions have a chance of poisoning you if they manage to hit. You may need to practise hitting and running away to avoid taking too much damage. This area is more suited to melee based characters.

You begin in the Chapel. The door to the Passage must be lockpicked. Pick up the Explosives in a nearby pot and use it on the door to the Sanctuary. Use your First Aid or Doctor skill to heal up or Healing Powder if you need it.

The final door is guarded by one of the tribesmen called Cameron who challenges you to combat. If you’re not a melee character he’ll probably defeat you, and kill you. Instead you can use a high Speech skill to talk your way out of fighting or use the Steal skill to steal the Key to the door. Once you pass through the final door you’ll gain 300 XP and be ready for your journey out in the real world.

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