Gobliins 2Welcome to a Gobliins 2 walkthrough. Once again the Kingdom of Angoulafre is in despair. The princeĀ  has been kidnapped by a powerful demon called Amoniak and taken to a far off land. Only two Gobliiins are actually crazy enough to go on this adventure and rescue the prince, Fingus and Winkle.

You will travel with these two Gobliiins to seven different worlds in search of the prince. Each world stranger than the last.

Gobliins 2 is the sequel to the highly successful Gobliiins video game. It was released in 1992 by Coktel Vision for DOS, Atari ST and Amiga.

Gobliins 2 Tips

  • The two Gobliiins are usually controlled separately but at times must be controlled together. They can carry different objects in their hands but have a shared inventory.
  • Remember to save the game at the end of each world.
  • The order of events is important. You may be doing the right things just not in the right order.
  • The Gobliiins can’t die so you can keep trying the sequences over and over until you get it right.
  • Position the Gobliiins near to where their tasks are going to be so they will have time to perform their actions.
  • Scan each world for items that you can interact with. When you mouse over an object the item name appears in the bottom left of the screen.
  • There are some quite outrageous leaps of logic in this game so try everything, even if it doesn’t seem completely logical. It’s a crazy and bizarre world.

Gobliins 2 Walkthrough

World 1: The Village – The Gobliins begin their noble quest in the local village. Find your way past these illogical and wacky puzzles.

World 2: Outside the Castle – After making out of the village the Gobliins are stopped in their tracks by a large trench going all around the castle.

World 3: The Castle – Having made their way into the castle the Gobliins must find the blacksmith and help him make a key so that they can escape.

World 4: Underwater Wreckage – As the Gobliins descend the well they find themselves on an underwater wreck.

World 5: Throne Room – Face the false king and rescue the Prince Buffoon. But is the adventure over all ready?

World 6: The Village – Head through the village and take the Prince back to his home.

World 7: Saving the Prince – Save the Prince Buffoon from his madness and face your final enemy.