Gobliins 2 World 4 Walkthrough

The Wreck

Winkle – After descending to the wreck go through the door to the cabin. Winkle will push the skull out the side of the boat. Climb up the mast and wait at the top.

Fingus – Click on the lantern to turn it on. A fish lamp will swim past.

Winkle – Catch the fish lamp as it gets close. If you miss the first time have Fingus click on the lantern again to try again. There is a black area to the top right of the screen. Use the fish lamp on this area to light it up revealing a chest.

Walk to the right to visit the mermaid.

The Mermaid

Fingus – Use stool on the seahorse. This will take you up to the higher level on the left side. Talk to the mermaid. Drop down and go into the hole on the top right next to the bars.

Winkle – Pick up the shell and he’ll throw it up.

Fingus – Catch the shell when it’s close. Drop down, go up the seahorse and stand by the small cave next to the mermaid.

Winkle – Go into the hole in the top right next to the bars.

Fingus – Click on the cave and a crab will come out. A glove appears to the bottom right.

Winkle – Quickly drop the shell onto the glove. Drop down and click on the shell to pick up the glove. Winkle will grab the starfish inside. Go to the left and head back to the wreck.

The Wreck

Fingus – stand on the clam.

Winkle – Go up and turn on the lantern. A sea snake will appear out of one of the windows. Use the rudder and a fish will appear. The sea snake will try to grab it, the fish dodges and knocks the clam which sends Fingus floating up.

Fingus – Have Fingus stand on the pressure plate.

Winkle – Use the starfish on the chest.

Fingus – While the starfish is opening the chest click on the statue to be lifted up. Fingus will grab the sword from inside the chest. Use the sword on the skull and it will drop to the ground. A diamond will fall out. Pick up the diamond. Head back to the mermaid.

The Mermaid

Fingus – Use the seahorse to get up to the top levels. Use the glove on the blob. Grab the bottle to find a parchment.

Winkle – Go up the seahorse with Winkle and grab the bottle. Winkle will also and find a pearl.

Fingus – Give the pearl to the mermaid. Give the diamond to the mermaid. She will open two of the bars in gratitude. Go down and use the parchment on the octopus. He will open the remaining two bars.

Winkle – Grab the glove and head out through the opening where the bars were.

That’s all for your undersea adventure. Continue on to Level 5.