Gobliins 2 Walkthrough Part 1

The Village Square

Speak to the notable with both characters.

Winkle – try to steal the sausage from the Notable. The two old men will laugh.

Fingus – While the two old men are laughing have Fingus pick up the bottle.

Head over to the fountain to the right.

At the Fountain

Fingus – click on the fountain to start the water jet.

Winkle – place the bottle under the jet of water. Use the bottle of water on the frog and pick up the stone underneath.

Knock on the Wizard’s door and talk to him. He’ll tell you he has no time to speak.

Winkle – Throw stone at chimney.

Fingus – Throw stone at chimney. Throw stone at the ledge on the roof to the right of the window and the rope ladder will drop down slightly. Click on the ladder to pull it down to the ground.

Winkle – Climb up the ladder and knock on the window.

Fingus – Climb up the ladder and knock on the window.

Winkle – Get on the roof and climb down the chimney.

Fingus – Get on the roof and climb down the chimney.

The old man will get tired and eventually let you in.

Tazaar’s House

Speak with Tazaar and he’ll give you some information about the king.

Fingus – Place Fingus by the head of the creature on the floor.

Winkle – Step on the creatures tail.

Fingus – Click on the creatures mouth as it opens and you’ll find some matches. Use bottle on kettle. Use matches on kettle. The poster on the wall will peel down revealing a spring key. Take the spring key. Use spring key on the clock above the fireplace.

Winkle – When the bird comes out of the clock be ready to throw a stone at it from below. A big key will drop down. Pick up the big key and then exit the house.

At the Fountain

Use the big key on the cellar door and take the wine.

The Village Square

Fingus – Use the bottle of water on the flowers. Pick one of them and give it to the Notable. He will smell it and fall asleep.

Winkle – Stand on the pressure plate to the left of the Notable.

Fingus – Press the button nearby to flip Winkle onto the roof.

Winkle – Steal the sausages.

Exit the screen to the top left.

The Giant

Winkle – Grab the chicken.

Fingus – Hit the chicken over the head with the sausage and it will drop an egg. Pick up the egg. Use the sausage on the first hole along the path and the dog will get distracted.

Winkle – While the dog is distracted run past him with Winkle. Climb in the hole in the tree and he’ll come out the burrow.

Fingus – Climb in the burrow and he will reappear up by the tree. Use matches on the wood. Use egg on the camp fire. Give sausage to giant. Give wine to giant and he’ll let you past.

That’s it for the first world. Continue on to the next level – World 2: Outside the Castle.