Gobliins 2 World 7 Walkthrough

The Laboratory

Fingus – Use the fountain water on the Prince to free him from the evil spirit. The spirit will capture him and take him away.

Winkle – Pick up the pencil on the top shelf.

Fingus – Speak with Tazaar if you like and he’ll give you some information.

Winkle – Use pencil on the blackboard three times until Tazaar throws the sponge. Pick up the sponge.

Fingus – Use the pencil on the portrait above the armchair.

Winkle – When Tazaar throws the boomerang jump on the armchair to grab it. Use the mug on Tazaar and a toothpick will fall down on the left side.

Fingus – As the toothpick is falling down hit it with the boomerang.

Winkle – Pick up the toothpick and use it on the skeleton. Use the sponge on the puddle. Now go over to the pipe and blow it.

Fingus – When a cloud appears use the wet sponge on the cloud. A door will appear to another realm.

Fingus/Winkle – Jump through the door.


Fingus – Stand on the eye at the bottom right of the screen.

Winkle – Click on the spot that says “! ! !” just to the right of the giant skull with the eye. Winkle will jump down and Fingus will bounce up.

Fingus – Grab the mouse and drop down.

Winkle – Use the mouse on the mud and a crocodile will appear. Jump on its head. Use the boomerang on the teeth above Amoniak’s arm. As the Prince makes his escape a creature will appear from a hole in front of him. Click on the “! ! !” spot again to knock it away.

Prince Buffoon – Stand on the eye bottom right.

Fingus – Use the wet sponge on the large rock.

Winkle – Go up and click on the “! ! !” spot again. The Prince will land on the sponge drenching the rock.

Fingus – While the rock is wet use the pencil on the rock to draw a door. Open the handle to win the game!